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78K0 Series 32 kB Flash 1 kB RAM 10 MHz 8-Bit Microcontroller - LQFP-48

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Mfr. Name: Renesas
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Technical Attributes
Attributes Table
Family Name: 78K
Core Processor: 78K0
Program Memory Type: Flash
Flash Size (Bytes): 32kB
RAM Size: 1kB
Speed: 10MHz
No of I/O Lines: 30
InterfaceType / Connectivity: UART
Peripherals: LCD Segments/On-Chip-ADC/PWM/UART/Watchdog
Number Of Timers: 2
Supply Voltage: 1.8V to 5.5V
Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
On-Chip ADC: 6-chx10-bit
Watchdog Timers: 1
Package Style:  LQFP-48
Mounting Method: Surface Mount
Features & Applications

UPD78F0413GA-GAM-AX microcontroller features highly optimized, high-performance, 150 nm flash process technology that provides the microcontroller with low power operation at full speed (10 MHz) and very low power consumption in Standby/HALT modes (1 μA typical in STOP, 2.4 μA typical in HALT mode with 32 kHz/real-time clock running).

Dense flash memory provides 6 bits ECC on every 32-bit word to protect against any rare flash data retention failures in long-term field usage (15-20 years). LCD-resistive ladder drive allows up to 160 (x 4) or 288 (x 8) LCD segment display. High-performance CPU processing, generous GP I/O lines and peripheral functions enable the electronics hardware/software designer greater flexibility and ease-of-use.


  • Low-power, 8-bit 78K0 flash MCU, 1.8 V to 5.5 V operation
  • Low-power performance, 2.2 mA typical @10 MHz
  • 32 KB flash memory, 1 KB SRAM
  • Internal 8 MHz (+/-5%) main and 240 kHz watchdog oscillators
  • 1 ch 16-bit and 6 ch 8-bit timers
  • Real-time counter (RTC) clock/calendar function, 2.4 μA typical in 32 kHz HALT mode
  • Hardware safety features: windowed watchdog timer (with independent 240 kHz internal OSC), power on clear (POC) reset, low-voltage indicator (LVI)
  • High-resolution ADC enables highprecision reading of analog input for instrumentation and measurements systems
  • Flexible LCD controller/driver for low-cost, handheld portable designs
  • Long battery life and energy-efficient product implementation


  • Consumer healthcare equipment
    • Blood glucose meters
    • Thermometers
    • Blood pressure monitors
  • Building management:
    • Thermostats
    • Security
    • HVAC control panels
  • Irrigation control panels
  • Water filter control panels
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