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SP336 Series 250 kbps RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 Serial Transceiver - TSSOP-28

Mfr. Name: MaxLinear
Standard Pkg:
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Date Code: 1944
Product Specification Section
Technical Attributes
Attributes Table
Data Rate: 10Mbps
Supply Voltage: 3.135V to 5.25V
Operating Temp Range: -40°C to +85°C
No of TX / RX: 4/4
Package Style:  TSSOP-28
Mounting Method: Surface Mount
Features & Applications

The SP336 is a programmable RS-232 and/or RS-485/RS-422 transceivers. The SP336 contains four drivers and four receivers when selected in RS-232 mode; and two drivers and two receivers when selected in RS-485 mode.  In addition, it may be configured for RS-232 and RS-485/RS-422 mix mode configuration.

The RS-232 transceivers can typically operate at 250 kbps or 1Mbps while adhering to the RS-232 specifications. The RS-485/RS-422 transceivers can operate at 250 kbps and 10 Mbps while adhering to the RS-485/RS-422 specifications. The slew rate control pin minimizes problems with reflections on long and un-terminated cables. The RS-485/422 and RS-232 drivers and receivers can be disabled (High-Z output) by the three mode select pins.


  • +3.3 V or +5 V Supply Voltage Operation
  • Software Programmable RS-232 or RS-485/RS-422 Selection
  • Four RS-232 Drivers and Four Receivers in RS-232 Mode
  • Two RS-485/RS-422 Full-Duplex Transceivers in RS-485/RS-422 Mode
  • Mixed RS-232 and RS-485/422 Mode
  • Robust ESD Specifications:
  • ±15 KV Human Body Model
  • ±15 KV IEC1000-4-2 Air Discharge
  • ±8 KV IEC1000-4-2 Contact Discharge
  • Slew Rate Control Feature, Low EMI
  • Advanced Failsafe - Receiver  failsafe on open, short or terminated lines
  • 1/8th Unit Load, 256 transceivers on bus
  • Full Differential Driver Tri-State (Hi-Z) Control
  • Receiver Output Tri-State Control


  • Factory Automation Equipment
  • Security Networks
  • Industrial/Process Control Networks
  • Point-Of-Sales Equipment
  • Gaming Machines
  • Serial Protocol Translators (ex. RS-232 to RS-485/RS-422)
  • Embedded Industrial PC’s
  • Building Environmental Control Systems (ex. HVAC)
  • Cable Repeaters / Port Extenders / Hubs 


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