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SP211 Series 230 kbps 15 V Surface Mount RS-232 Transceiver - SSOP-28

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Mfr. Name: MaxLinear
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Date Code: 2202
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MaxLinear SP211ECA-L/TR - Technical Attributes
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Package Style:  SSOP-28
Mounting Method: Surface Mount
$Features & Applications
EXAR, the market leader, offers the industry's broadest line-up of UART and serial protocol transceivers solutions.

With over 200 devices, wide 2.25 to 5.5V power supply range, 1 to 128 bytes of FIFO and compliance with the universal 3.3/5V PCI, Intel and Motorola bus interfaces, including single protocol ICs that support RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 as well as dual and multi-protocol ICs that support from 2 to 8 of the most popular interface standards with a single IC, Exar has already done the difficult work for you.

We can deliver an immediate competitive advantage to your compressed time-to-market demands accelerating initial design, to functioning prototype and finally volume production.

The SP207E-SP213E are enhanced transceivers intended for use in RS-232 and V.28 serial communication. These devices feature very low power consumption and single-supply operation making them ideal for space-constrained applications. Sipex-patented (5,306,954) on-board charge pump circuitry generates fully compliant RS-232 voltage levels using small and inexpensive 0.1μF charge pump capacitors. External +12V and -12V supplies are not required.

The SP211E and SP213E feature a low-power shutdown mode, which reduces power supply drain to 1μA.  The SP213E includes two receivers that remain active during shutdown to monitor for signal activity.

The SP207E-SP213E devices are pin-to-pin compatible with our previous SP207, SP208, SP211 and SP213 as well as industry-standard competitor devices.

Driver output and receiver input pins are protected against ESD to over ±15kV for both Human Body Model and IEC1000- 4-2 Air Discharge test methods.  Data rates of over 120kbps are guaranteed with 230kbps typical, making them compatible with high speed modems and PC remote-access applications.  Receivers also incorporate hysteresis for clean reception of slow moving signals.


  • Meets All EIA-232 and ITU V.28 Specifications
  • Single +5V Supply Operation
  • 3mA Typical Static Supply Current
  • 4 x 0.1µF External Charge Pump Capacitors
  • Typical 230kbps Transmission Rates
  • Standard SOIC and SSOP Footprints
  • 1μA Shutdown Mode (SP211E & SP213E)
  • Two Wake-Up Receivers (SP213E)
  • Tri-State/RxEnable (SP211E & SP213E)
  • Improved ESD Specifications:
    • ±15kV Human Body Model
    • ±15kV IEC1000-4-2 Air Discharge
    • ±8kV IEC1000-4-2 Contact Discharge
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