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Monday August 19th, 2019
4:00 pm EST

Cypress Sensing Technologies: Robust, Intelligent, Easy-to-Use

Join Cypress MCU Marketing Manager Michi Yoneda to learn all about how Cypress’ CapSense® capacitive sensing and MagSense™ inductive-sensing technologies can be used to design robust, intelligent, and easy-to-use HMI applications. Hosted by Future Electronics, this session provides a deep dive into both Cypress’ CapSense and MagSense technologies, what applications they serve, as well as the low-power, and flexible PSoC 6 and PSoC 4 MCU portfolios they are delivered through. Join this webinar to learn about how to implement these sensing technologies into your next design with Cypress and Future.

Michi Yoneda
Cypress MCU Marketing Manager


  • Cypress innovation in Sensing Technologies
  • CapSense capabilities, applications, and use cases
  • MagSense capabilities, applications, and use cases
  • PSoC 6 and PSoC 4 MCU portfolio overview
  • How to get started and resources