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The TLT807B0 is a monolithic integrated low dropout adjustable voltage regulator with an enable feature in a small surface mounted package for the harsh environment of automotive applications. The 70mA regulator has an adjustable output voltage and is available in a TSDSO-14 package.

The wide input voltage range and the low quiescent current make it perfectly suitable for supply systems connected permanently to the battery. The over-voltage protection feature allows for the device to increase safety in trucks, commercial vehicles, etc. With a 58V load dump capability, the device is perfectly suited to supply loads in standby mode in 24V automotive applications.

The TLT807B0EPV has an integrated enable function and can be switched on and off via the enable pin. The current consumption in OFF mode is limited to 1.5μA. The device is stable with a small 1μF output capacitor.

The device also includes internal protection features such as output current limitation and over-temperature shutdown.


Evaluation board for 24V standby supply TLT807B0 in TSDSO14 package.


Application diagram for TLT807B0EPV as a standby supply for 24V ECUs



  • Adjustable output voltage at ±2% accuracy for output current up to 70mA
  • Very low current consumption: typically 36μA
  • Very low dropout voltage
  • Input voltage up to 42V
  • Over-voltage protection up to 58V (<400ms)
  • Enable input, active high
  • Protection functions:
    - Output current limitation for overload and short circuit conditions
    - Reverse polarity protection
    - Over-temperature shutdown
  • Wide temperature range -40°C to +150°C
  • Green product (RoHS compliant)
  • AEC qualified



  • 24V applications, such as:
    - Truck applications
    - Commercial Agricultural Vehicle (CAV) applications
    - Construction vehicle applications
  • Applications that are permanently connected to the battery