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VARTA Microbattery


The ready-to-use battery solutions allow design engineers to quickly and efficiently complete new product development. The VARTA Storage CellPac LITE product range is comprised of ready-to-use 3.7V Lithium Rechargeable batteries with capacities ranging from 595mAh to 2260mAh. Part of this offering is the EasyPack series of batteries that are comprised of Lithium Polymer cells which are the very latest in battery technology.



CellPac LITE: A Range of Standard Lithium-Ion Preconfigured Packs Available for Various Applications

These cylindrical and prismatic ready-to-use lithium rechargeable batteries incorporate cell protection features such as over-voltage, under-voltage and overcurrent. They comply with the requirements of battery safety standard IEC62133.



Designing a Customized Battery Has Never Been So Easy

CellPac BLOX is a design service that provides engineers the possibility to create a custom battery solution through the use of various standard battery cells and Protection Circuit Modules (PCMs). These combinations have been reviewed and safety tested by VARTA to ensure a good fit and function between the cells and electronics.



CellPac PLUS Custom Lithium Rechargeable Design Service

CellPac PLUS is VARTA Storage’s core design-to-manufacture battery design service. It was created to provide customers with the highest quality custom battery solutions. CellPac PLUS fits ideally to long-term high value projects where customized batteries are a must.

  • Minimal design costs and nominal NRE
  • Quick samples of custom battery solution
  • Reduced time to market


CellPac PLUS: Custom Products

  • Infusion pumps
  • DVT pumps
  • Respirators
  • Blood pressure meters
  • ECG monitors
  • Recorders
  • Suction units
  • Ultrasound devices
  • Medical drills and tools
  • Monitors
  • Portable lights
  • Heat sensing devices
  • Walky talkies





VARTA CellPac LITE and CellPac BLOX Products

  • Surgical lights
  • Dental lights
  • Blood pressure monitoring devices
  • Recorders
  • A variety of health monitoring devices
  • Suction units (CellPac LITE)
  • Nerve stimulation products for healing (CellPac BLOX)
  • Satellite tracking
  • Handheld and thermal imaging cameras
  • eTransactions and point of sale
  • Handheld communications and radios


CellPac LITE: Off the Shelf Products

  • UNDOT 38.3 transportation compliant/tested
  • IEC62133/UL2054 certified/tested
  • Off the shelf/distribution

CellPac BLOX: Semi-Custom Products

  • Building block utilization to assemble semi-custom packs
  • For smaller/mid volume usage
  • Multi options
  • Smaller minimum requirements
  • Certification eligible

CellPac PLUS: Custom Products

  • Full custom design support
  • Full certification compliance eligible
  • Full program management