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Infineon Technologies is entering the packaged silicon microphone market. With this it is addressing the needs for high performance, low noise MEMS microphones. The analog and digital microphones are based on Infineon’s dual backplate MEMS technology and distinguish themselves with a 70dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). This is combined with an exceptionally low distortion level of 10% at a 135dB sound pressure level (SPL). In a 4 x 3 x 1.2mm XENSIV MEMS package, the microphones are very well suited for highquality acoustic recordings and far field voice capturing applications.

Current MEMS microphone technology uses a sound wave actuated membrane and a static backplate. Infineon’s dual backplate XENSIV MEMS technology uses a membrane embedded within two backplates thus generating a truly differential signal. This allows improved high frequency immunity for better audio signal processing and increases the acoustic overload point of 10% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) to 135dB SPL.

The SNR of 70dB is an improvement of 6dB compared to a conventional MEMS microphone. This improvement is equivalent to doubling the distance from which a user can give a voice command that is captured by the microphone. Additionally, the analog and digital microphones have excellent microphone-to-microphone matching (±1dB sensitivity matching and ±2° phase matching) which is ideal for implementing in arrays. For this reason the XENSIV MEMS microphones are a perfect fit for ultra-precise beam forming and noise cancelling.




  • SNR:69dB
  • AOP: 13dBSPL
  • <±1dB sensitivity matching at 1kHz
  • <±2° phase matching at 1kHz
  • Interface: digital (PDM)
  • Infineon dual backplate XENSIV MEMS technology
  • Package: 4 x 3 x 1.2mm3



  • Voice user interface (VUI) devices
    • Smart speakers
    • Laptops
    • TVs and set top boxes
    • Smart home appliances
  • Active noise cancellation (ANC) headphones and earphones
  • Conference systems
  • Cameras




XMOS is a leading supplier of far-field voice and audio solutions to the consumer electronics market. The company develops embedded interfaces that enable people to listen to the highest quality audio, and control electronic devices using their voice.



VocalFusion evaluation kits are designed to enable developers and OEMs to voice-enable edge-of-room consumer electronics products, and make the integration of the XMOS voice processing device simple in mass production.

The xCORE VocalFusion™ Speaker kit provides high performance far-field voice processing solutions for voice-activated speaker applications. VocalFusion Speaker delivers direct interfacing to four PDM (Pulse Density Modulation) microphones in either linear or circular arrays, with a choice of USB or I2S interfaces to connect to application or host processors (-AVS kit is I2S/I2C only).



XMOS technology ensures voice sources are isolated from unwanted noise with the integration of advanced DSP techniques including beamforming, acoustic echo cancellation, de-reverberation and noise suppression. Optional keyword trigger detection is delivered on the device by Sensory TrulyHandsfree™, or the system processor such as the Raspberry Pi in the Amazon Alexa Voice Service (AVS) qualified kit.


VocalFusion Speaker Evaluation Kits










  • xCORE VocalFusion Speaker Evaluation Kits
    • High performance microphone array for voice interfaces
  • Integrated microphone and voice DSP including full duplex AEC, noise suppression, de-reverberation, AGC
  • Microphone interface
    • Direct interfacing to 4 PDM microphones (Infineon IM69D130)
    • Support for linear or circular arrays
  • Audio output
    • I2S output to DAC, 16kHz PCM, and 48kHz PCM on the -AVS kit
  • Host processor interface options
    • High speed USB2.0 compliant device
    • Optional I2S interface, with I2C for control
  • Sensory TrulyHandsfree™ technology license included with XVF3100
    • Custom triggers and multi-language support available from Sensory


For more information on the XMOS Amazon AVS qualified kit, the only solution qualified for far-field linear applications, visit www.xmos.com/avs.