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The MAX30110/2 is a family of complete optical pulse oximetry and heart rate detection integrated analog front-end. The devices integrated a high-resolution, optical readout signal-processing channel with built-in ambient light cancellation, as well as high-current LED driver DACs, to form a complete optical readout signal chain. With external LED(s) and photo diode(s), the MAX30110/2 offers the lowest power, highest performance heart rate detection solution for wrist applications. The MAX30110/2 operates on a 1.8V main supply voltage, with a separate 3.1V to 5.25V LED driver power supply.



  • Reflective or transmissive heart rate, heart rate variability, or SpO2 monitoring
  • 50mA, 100mA, 150mA, 200mA selectable LED current ranges
  • 19-bit optical ADC path
  • Less than 25μA power consumption at 25sps
  • 20sps to 3.2ksps multiple sample rate options
  • Two 8-bit LED current DACs
  • Low noise current sources
  • Built-in front and back end ambient light cancellation
  • 32 sample FIFO to support batch processing
  • I2C (MAX30112) and SPI (MAX30110) interface




Maxim Integrated