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24GHz sensor development kit utilizing Infineon BGT24MTR11 RF transceiver and XMC4200 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M4 MCU series.

This development kit allows the user to implement and test several sensing applications at the 24GHz ISM band such as FMCW distance measurement, Doppler based movement detection, Doppler based direction of movement detection, and Doppler based speed measurements of targets.

The kit consists of the BGT24MTR11 transceiver MMIC and a XMC4200 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M4 for signal processing and communication via USB.

The demonstrator board is shown in the figure below highlighting all main board components. The board is already preprogrammed using Infineon’s DAVE™ development tool. The module features a phased locked loop that is controlled with the XMC4200 to generate the FMCW ramps required for distance measurement. The MCU samples up to 2 IF channels of the transceiver chipset and communicates via USB interface to a connected PC.



Key Features
  • Capability to detect distance of multiple targets
  • Capability to detect motion, speed and direction of movement (approaching or retreating)
  • Very small form factor (4.5 × 3.6cm) 24GHz ISM band module that can be used as a development kit or mounted as a daughter board in a system
  • BGT24MTR11 – 24GHz highly integrated RF MMIC
  • XMC4200 ARM® Cortex®-M4 – 32-bit industrial microcontroller
  • Debug over cortex 10-pin debug connector
  • Integrated multiple element patch antennas
Kit Contents
  • 24GHz demonstration board
  • User’s manual
  • SW GUI to operate kit
  • FMCW FW and SW (1) (also available as source code)
  • Doppler FW and SW (1) (also available as source code)
  • Schematic and bill-of-materials of module
  • Drone soft landing
  • Drone obstacle avoidance
  • Robotics obstacle avoidance
  • Tank level sensing
  • Intelligent switches
  • Intelligent door opener


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