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Maxim Integrated


The MAX40016 from Maxim Integrated is a Current Sense Amplifier (CSA) with an internal sense element which senses current over a four-decade range from less than 300μA to higher than 3A.

The four-decade current sensor functions with 1% gain error and offers three, multiplexed programmable output ranges for interfacing with 12-bit ADCs.

It accepts a power-supply current through an active on-chip transistor. A low voltage drop of 35mV to 60mV across the transistor sensing element means that the MAX40016 is ideal for portable designs. The integrated sense element allows the entire current measuring path to be factory-MAXIM INTEGRATED trimmed, relieving the user of the need to calibrate discrete sense resistors and CSAs.

For guidance on implementing the MAX40016 in current-sensing applications, readers may view online the Maxim Application Note 6565, ‘Current sensing devices used in battery management of portable applications’, at maximintegrated.com.


MAX40016: Low voltage drop ideal for battery-powered devices

MAX40016: Low voltage drop ideal for battery-powered devices


  • High accuracy over full four-decade measurement range
  • Integrated current-sense element saves the space and cost of a discrete precision sense resistor
  • 10μA supply current in low-power mode
  • Mobile devices
  • RF power monitoring
  • Portable instruments


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