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ON Semiconductor


ON Semiconductor supplies a family of synchronous PWM buck regulator ICs which share a common footprint, and which are notable for their high efficiency and thermal performance.

The FAN65004B, rated for a maximum continuous current of 6A, the 8A FAN65005A and 10A FAN65008B products operate over a wide input-voltage range of 4.5V to 65V, stepping down the output in a range from 0.6V to 55V. Conversion efficiency is more than 95% over a wide load range.

Based on a constant-frequency voltage mode controller, the FAN6500xx regulators also include a driver, power MOSFETs and LDOs in a thermally-enhanced 6mm × 6mm QFN package. The devices’ control technique produces low ripple current and is easy to compensate.

The controller’s switching frequency is programmable in a range from 100kHz to 1MHz, and the regulator supports frequency synchronization in either master or slave mode.

To improve efficiency when supplying light loads, the FAN6500xx devices can be set to operate in discontinuous conduction mode with pulse skipping. The integrated MOSFETs benefit from ON Semiconductor’s high-performance PowerTrench® technology, which reduces ringing in converter applications.


FAN6500xx buck regulator: Low ripple current

FAN6500xx buck regulator: Low ripple current


The FAN6500xx regulators offer a complete set of protection features including thermal shutdown, under-voltage lock-out, over-voltage protection and hiccup-mode short-circuit protection.


  • Reference voltage accurate to ±1%
  • Adjustable soft-start timing
  • Low shut-down current
  • Supports pre-bias start-up
  • Power-good indication
  • High-voltage point-of-load modules
  • Telecoms power supplies
  • Networking equipment
  • Industrial equipment
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