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The LUXEON V2 from Lumileds is a new Chip-Scale Package (CSP) high-power domed LED optimized for directional applications.

It sets a new standard for flux and efficacy in the domed CSP LED category, enabling luminaire manufacturers to create more efficient luminaire designs with a high light output.

The LUXEON V2’s 2mm2 die provides design flexibility and supports high flux density. The 4,000K CCT version is capable of producing a typical light output of 315lm at an efficacy of 159lm/W when driven at 700mA, a figure which is obtained in realistic ‘hot test’ conditions at a junction temperature of 85°C. Output rises to 760lm when the LUXEON V2 is driven at 2A.

The LUXEON V2 offers a compact directional light source which maximizes usable light: 99% of the light output is forward-facing. The source luminance distribution is designed to match that of the LUXEON TX to enable drop-in replacement of the earlier device, and accelerate time-to-market with brighter, more efficient designs.

The LUXEON V2 is supplied in a 3535 ceramic package with a three-stripe footprint for ease of integration in board layouts.


Lumileds’ LUXEON V2: High optical efficiency

Lumileds’ LUXEON V2: High optical efficiency


  • 2.4A maximum drive current
  • CCT range: 2,700K, 3,000K, 4,000K, 5000K, 5,700K, 6500K
  • High color consistency over beam angle
  • 2.83V forward voltage
  • Low thermal resistance
  • Architectural lighting
  • High and low bay lighting
  • Stadium lighting
  • Street and area lighting
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