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New interface technology for true wireless earbuds

ams has introduced POW:COM, an innovative interface technology which enables power transfer and communication between a true wireless earbud and a charging cradle over a two-wire connection. A true wireless earbud previously required as many as six pins, compromising the mechanical design of a product which must be small enough to fit comfortably in the user’s ear.

The POW:COM interface is implemented with the AS3442 host IC in the cradle, and the AS3447 client IC in each earbud.





Medical-grade wall-mount power adapters comply with strict efficiency standards

MEAN WELL has released three 60W medical-grade wall-mount power adapters: the GEM60I series which features an interchangeable AC plug for Europe, the US, UK and Australia; the GSM60E with a fixed plug for Europe; and the GSM60U with a fixed plug for the US.

The GEM60I and GSM60E/U series adapters may be plugged directly into 80V-264V AC outlets, without pairing with an external AC cable. For medical safety applications they offer 2 x Means Of Patient Protection (MOPP). They also comply with the US Level VI and European ErP efficiency regulations.





Trust anchor solution provides secure connections to Google Cloud IoT Core

NXP Semiconductors has announced a solution for secure, scalable connections of devices using its A71CH to the Google IoT Cloud service. The solution based on the A71CH provides OEMs with a ‘Plug & Trust’ experience for authenticating devices to Google Cloud IoT Core.

NXP’s A71CH is a trust anchor, ready-to-use security solution designed for integration into next-generation IoT devices, such as edge nodes and gateways. When embedded into devices, the chip signs a secure token and is validated by Google IoT Core to enable seamless peer-to-peer cloud connections.

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