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The Renesas RV1S9x60 family of optocouplers supports data-transfer rates of up to 15Mbits/s and offers high noise tolerance.

The RV1S9x60 devices operate at a low threshold input current, just 2.0mA in the case of the RV1S9160A, from a 3V to 5V power supply, to give low power consumption. Featuring a minimum common-mode ratio of 50kV/μs, these optocouplers are suitable for use in electrically noisy industrial environments, where they may be used to isolate sensitive components such as microcontrollers from high transient voltages while enabling the high-speed transmission of input signals.

Two of the parts, the RV1S9160A and RV1S9060A, also support operation in high ambient temperatures up to 125°C in a logic interface circuit, giving the board designer the freedom to place the optocoupler close to hot components such as IGBTs or MOSFETs.

There are three parts in this Renesas optocoupler family. The smallest, the RV1S9160A, is housed in a 5-pin SOP package, and offers 200V of basic insulation. Slightly bigger, the RV1S9060A in an LSO5 package gives increased creepage of 8mm and 200V/400V of reinforced insulation.

The largest part is the RV1S9960A in an LSDIP package. This gives 14.5mm of creepage and 690V of reinforced insulation in an inverter, or 1,000V of basic insulation in a solar power conditioner.

  • 60ns maximum propagation delay time
  • 25ns maximum propagation delay skew
  • 20ns maximum pulse-width distortion
  • 2.0mA maximum supply current
  • Isolation voltage:
    • 5kVrms for the RV1S9060A
    • 3.75kVrms for the RV1S9160A
    • 7.5kVrms for the RV1S9960A
  • UL, CSA, VDE approvals
  • Power inverters
  • AC servo motor controls
  • Programmable logic controllers
  • Robot arm controllers
  • Renewable energy generators
  • Battery management systems


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