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The latest spin-off from Susumu’s RG series of high-performance, reliable thin-film chip resistors, is the PRG series, which has a power rating almost five times higher than that of the RG series.

The PRG series resistors, which have terminals on their long sides, are offered in three sizes:

  • the 1206 case size is rated at 1W
  • the 2008 case size is rated at 2W
  • the 2512 case size is rated at 3W

These power ratings are as much as eight times higher than the ratings of competing chip resistors of the same size. For example, most 1206 resistors are rated at 0.125W. A 1W rating is normally only available in the bigger 2512 case size.

The PRG series maintains all the thin-film characteristics of the RG series. These include:

  • Precise absolute tolerance – in the PRG series this is ±0.1%
  • A low temperature coefficient of resistance, just 25ppm/°C in the PRG devices
  • Low noise
  • Wide operating-temperature range of -55°C to 155°C

Likewise, the reliability of the PRG series is just as good as the RG series. The maximum drift for most standard reliability tests, such as short-time overload, load life, temperature humidity bias, thermal shock and high-temperature exposure, is specified as 0.05-0.1%.

While the PRG series resistors are optimized for applications with high power requirements, the other members of the RG family have their own advantages: the original RG series devices are ideal for general-purpose applications, and the URG series are for designs which require ultra-high reliability.

  • AEC-Q200 qualified
  • Good sulfur resistance
  • Precision industrial and medical instrumentation
  • Test and measurement equipment
  • Telecoms equipment
  • Automotive electronics
  • Laboratory-grade scales
  • Power supplies
  • Power grid infrastructure
Type Size (Inches) Power Rating Resistance Tolerance TCR Resistance Range (Ω) + E24 and E56 series R Value Packaging
PRG3216 1206 1.0W ±0.1%(B) ±25ppm/°C(P) 47K to 100K Tape and reel
T5 = 5,000 pcs
±50ppm/°C(Q) 47K to 100K
±0.5%(D) ±25ppm/°C(P) 10K to 100K
±50ppm/°C(Q) 2.5K to 100K
PRG5020 2008 1.5W to 2.0W ±0.1%(B) ±25ppm/°C(P) 47K to 200K Tape and reel
T4 = 4,000 pcs
±50ppm/°C(Q) 47K to 200K
±0.5%(D) ±25ppm/°C(P) 10K to 200K
±50ppm/°C(Q) 2.5K to 200K
PRG6432 2512 2.0W to 3.0W ±0.1%(B) ±25ppm/°C(P) 47K to 250K Tape and reel
T4 = 4,000 pcs
±50ppm/°C(Q) 47K to 250K
±0.5%(D) ±25ppm/°C(P) 10K to 250K
±50ppm/°C(Q) 2.5K to 250K



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