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Maxim Integrated

Battery fuel-gauge ICs with low operating current maximize battery run-times

The MAX17262 and MAX17263 from Maxim Integrated combine traditional coulomb counting with the novel ModelGauge™ m5 EZ algorithm to produce very accurate measurements of a battery’s State of Charge (SOC) without requiring battery characterization. Drawing low quiescent current, these fuel-gauge ICs minimize power loss during long periods of device standby time, extending battery life.

The MAX17262 is a single-cell fuel gauge with integrated current sensor. Quiescent current is 5.2μA, the lowest in its class. The MAX17263 is a single-/multi-cell fuel gauge which drives 3 to 12 LEDs to indicate battery or system status. This feature is useful in devices with no display. Quiescent current is 8.2μA.

  • Low operating current
  • Supports Li+ chemistry and variants including LiFePO4
  • Supplies power capacity estimates during discharge
  • Predicts remaining capacity under forecast load
  • Alert indicator for voltage, SOC, temperature, current and 1% SOC change
  • Time-to-empty and time-to-full estimation
  • No calibration required
Maxim Integrated – MAX17262 MAX17263




14-channel li-ion battery cell controller IC

The MC33771B from NXP Semiconductors is a SMARTMOS lithium-ion battery cell controller IC designed for automotive applications, such as hybrid electric and fully electric vehicles. It is also suitable for industrial applications, such as energy storage systems and uninterruptible power supplies.

The device performs analog-to-digital conversion of the differential cell voltages and current, as well as battery coulomb counting and battery temperature measurements. The information is digitally transmitted through a serial peripheral interface or transformer isolation to a host microcontroller for processing.

  • Operating-voltage range: 9.6V to 61.6V
  • 0.8mV maximum total voltage measurement error
  • Total stack voltage measurement
  • Addressable on initialization
  • Synchronized cell voltage/current measurement with coulomb counting
  • Seven GPIO/temperature sensor inputs
  • Supports ISO 26262 compliance up to ASIL D safety grade
  • AEC-Q100 qualified
NXP – MC33771B



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