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CUI Inc PRQ3W-S, PQD10W-D & PQF20W-D DC-DC Converters

New dual DC-DC converters provide independently isolated asymmetrical outputs

CUI Inc has introduced a family of isolated DC-DC converters which supply dual regulated outputs for rated loads up to 3W, 10W or 20W. Supplied in SIP or DIP packages, these converter modules operate from a wide input-voltage range of 18V-75V DC.

PRQ3W-S Series

The PRQ3W-S series supplies up to 3W of continuous power. Operating over a wide temperature range of -40°C to 85°C and supplied in a SIP package, these low-power DC-DC converters provide a rugged solution for sensitive power systems.

PQD10W-D Series

The PQD10W-D series supplies up to 10W of continuous power. Housed in an industry-standard 1” x 1” DIP package, the PQD10W-D modules also operate over a temperature range of -40°C to 85°C. These DC-DC converters are suitable for convection-cooled equipment and industrial power circuits.

PQF20W-D Series

The PQF20W-D series supplies up to 20W of continuous power. Featuring an extended -40°C to 105°C operating-temperature range, these modules are housed in 2” x 1” DIP package.

The PRQ3W-S, PQD10W-D and PQF20W-D all offer asymmetrical outputs. These independently isolated outputs make the converters ideal for space-constrained applications which supply two loads, such as motor-control circuits, distributed power supplies and hybrid module systems.

CUI also supplies the PRF30W-D series, which provides up to 30W of continuous power.

DC-DC Converter Features

  • Dual output-voltage options:
    • 5V/5V
    • 5V/12V
    • 5V/24V
  • 3kV DC isolation
  • Protection functions:
    • Short circuit
    • Over-current
    • Input under-voltage
  • UL/EN/IEC 62368 certified

DC-DC Converter Applications

  • Motor-control circuits
  • Distributed power supplies
  • Hybrid module systems
  • Medical equipment
  • Telecoms and network equipment
  • Remote control systems