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Performance, reliability, and instant nonvolatility in low-pin-count memory.

Industrial systems require memories to continuously log and instantly capture system state information and sensor data in the event of power loss. Next-generation factory automation and control systems will add to compute and storage demands, especially on the edge of the network. Harsh operating environments and demanding requirements for cycling endurance and data retention require the most-robust performance possible, while supporting efficient low-pin-count, high-speed interfaces. Excelon-Ultra mission-critical memories support a 108-MHz low-pin-count QSPI interface with 100 trillion cycle write endurance, fast writes and instant nonvolatility.


High Performance

  • 50 MHz SPI and 108 MHz SDR QSPI interfaces
  • No write delay
  • 10mA active current @108MHz SPI SDR
  • True RAM performance; no data polling before writes



  • 100 trillion (1014) cycle endurance
  • No wear-leveling required
  • 100+ year data retention
  • No battery or capacitor required
  • Instant nonvolatility


Additional Product Features

  • -40°C to 85°C Industrial Grade
  • Hardware protection with write protect pin
  • Software block protection
  • Embedded ECC


Excelon F-RAM Advantages

Excelon F-RAM memories combine nonvolatile data storage with the fast speed of RAM. F-RAM has three distinct advantages over traditional nonvolatile memories:

  • Fast write speed with no write delay
  • Virtually unlimited endurance
  • Industry’s most energy-efficient NVRAM

Excelon F-RAM operates with the same host processor interfaces and timing as other memories such as SRAM, EEPROM, and serial Flash, but takes advantage of its fast write speed to eliminate write delays due to “soak time” or page/sector buffering required of other technologies. Instant writes eliminate “data at risk” resulting from unexpected power loss.

FTM Development Board

Compatible with ST NUCLEO-L433RC-P MCU Evaluation Board for SPI and QSPI mode operation. On-board 4-Mbit (512Kx8), Excelon Ultra Quad SPI F-RAM with 1.8V to 3.6V operating voltage.


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