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ON Semiconductor

ON Semiconductor NCP10970 Dual Output HV Buck Switcher

Integrated dual-output regulator operates from universal mains input.

The NCP10970 buck switcher from ON Semiconductor combines a switching buck converter, a Low Drop-out (LDO) linear regulator and a comparator in a single chip to provide dual outputs of 16V and 3.3V or 5.0V from a universal mains input.

The NCP10970 switching regulator stage, which includes a 670V-rated MOSFET, steps the mains input down to a 16V output, adjustable by a resistor divider on the Feedback pin.

This output is protected against short circuits. The NCP10970 features internal circuitry which prevents the buck switcher from operating in continuous conduction mode improves the circuit’s resistance to current surges, improves efficiency and reduces EMI.

The integrated linear regulator provides either a 3.3V or 5.0V low-noise output, depending on which option the user chooses. Operating from a raw 16V DC voltage supplied by the high-voltage switching regulator, the NCP10970 maintains high efficiency while drawing low quiescent current.

In no- or light-load conditions, the NCP10970 buck switcher goes into skip-cycle mode for low stand-by power consumption.

NCP10970 Features

  • Input-voltage range: 30V-440V AC
  • High-voltage start-up current source
  • Fixed-frequency discontinuous current-mode control scheme
  • Demagnetization detection
  • 4ms soft-start
  • Thermal shut-down protection

NCP10970 Applications

  • Smart lighting
  • White goods
  • IoT devices
  • Metering

ON Semiconductor NCP10970

Evaluation Board

The NCP10970AGEVB is a high-efficiency, non-isolated buck converter circuit which complies with the CoC5 Tier 2 specifications and has low EMI emissions.