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ON Semiconductor NCP730 Voltage Regulator

LDO combines low quiescent current with wide input-voltage range

The NCP730 from ON Semiconductor is a CMOS Low Dropout (LDO) voltage regulator which draws a very low quiescent current, helping to prolong run-times in battery-powered, always-on systems or IoT applications.

The NCP730 operates from a wide input-voltage range of 2.7V to 38V. There are various fixed output-voltage options. The NCP730 LDO voltage regulator is also available with an adjustable output voltage in the range 1.2V to 24V.

The ON Semiconductor NCP730 LDO is capable of supplying a maximum 150mA continuous output current, and 200mA peak current. It includes a built-in soft-start circuit and thermal shut-down protection.

The NCP730 dropout voltage, rated at 290mV at 150mA and a 3.3V output, keeps conversion power loss to a minimum, while regulation is maintained at a consistently high level – output-voltage accuracy is ±1% over an operating-temperature range of -40°C to 85°C.

Parts which include a Power Good (PG) circuit indicate that output voltage is in regulation. This signal may be used for power sequencing, or as a microcontroller reset.

The ON Semiconductor NCP730 integrates an innovative fast transient-response amplifier to limit under- and over-shoot, as well as short-circuit and over-temperature protection functions.

NCP730 Features

  • 1µA quiescent current
  • 100nA shut-down current
  • Stable with small 1µF ceramic capacitors
  • Power-supply ripple rejection:
    • 80dB at 10Hz
    • 70dB at 10kHz

NCP730 Applications

  • Battery-powered tools
  • Home automation
  • Metering
  • Remote controlled devices
  • White goods
  • Combination arc-fault circuit breakers


ON Semiconductor NCP730 Voltage Regulator