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ON Semiconductor NCS225 Series Comparators

High-speed comparators handle wide input-voltage range.

The NCS2250 and NCS2252 from ON Semiconductor are low-voltage comparators suitable for use in complex applications that require a fast response time and flexible implementation. The NCS225 comparators may be used to implement functions such as logic-level shifting and translation, clock and data signal restoration, and the voltage-level trigger in power converters.

The ON Semiconductor NCS2250 and NCS2252 comparator families achieve fast response for operation in high-speed sampling circuits thanks to their short propagation delay - just 50ns with 100mV overdrive.

Featuring an extended common-mode input-voltage range, the NCS225 series comparators handle input signals 200mV above and below the rails, supporting voltage detection at ground or on the supply rail. The comparators feature low quiescent supply current, just 150μA with a 5V supply, which makes the NCS2250 and NCS2252 suitable for use in battery-powered systems.

The NCS2250 parts provide a complementary push-pull output, and the NCS2252 parts an open drain output. These ON Semiconductor comparators are available in pin-compatible SC70-5 or SOT23-5 packages.

NCS225 Features

  • 88dB power-supply rejection ratio
  • 81dB common-mode rejection ratio
  • 6mV maximum input-offset voltage
  • 3.8pF input capacitance
  • Supply-voltage range: 1.8V-5.5V
  • Operating-temperature range: -40°C to 125°C

NCS225 Applications

  • Automotive lighting
  • Industrial lighting
  • Mobile phones
  • Power supplies
  • Portable and battery-powered systems

ON Semiconductor — NCS225x Series Low-Voltage Comparators

NCS2250: Complementary push-pull output