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Bridgelux Vesta® Flex Family of Dual-Channel Driver and Control Modules

Dual-channel system enables wired or wireless control of tunable white LED luminaires

The Bridgelux Vesta Flex family of dual-channel driver and control modules is a bundled system which is guaranteed to work out-of-the-box, providing seamless control of the Bridgelux Vesta series of tunable white LED arrays and modules.

The Vesta Flex drivers’ high-resolution dimming and tuning algorithm provides for smooth and flicker-free CCT tuning, dimming down to 0.1% of full brightness, and dim-to-off.

The drivers and control modules are separate devices which, when connected via an Ethernet network cable, form a smart and flexible lighting-control system.

The Vesta Flex control modules are intended to be embedded and factory-installed in the luminaire with a Vesta Flex driver. The Vesta Flex platform offers a number of driver and control module options to choose from, giving the designer the flexibility to meet a variety of application requirements, as well as providing interoperability with third-party systems.

The Vesta Flex drivers are:

  • BXDR-30BT-U214P-01-A 30W brick
  • BXDR-60BT-U220P-01-A 60W brick
  • BXDR-60LT-U220P-01-A 60W linear module

The Vesta Flex control modules offer various wired and wireless control interfaces:

  • BXCS-12D-N2P-01-A with DALI-2 DT8 controller interface
  • BXCS-12A-N2P-02-A with 0-10V controller interface
  • BXCS-12W-N2P-01-A with WiSilica-enabled Bluetooth® wireless mesh networking control interface
  • BXCS-12Z-N2P-x1-A with WiZ-enabled Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth wireless networking control interface
  • BXCS-12S-N2P-01-A with Silvair-enabled Bluetooth mesh wireless networking control interface
  • BXCS-12C-N2P-01-A with Casambi-enabled proprietary Bluetooth mesh wireless networking control interface

Bridgelux supplies the Vesta Flex platform with apps for the iOS and Android™ mobile operating environments, and web portals which provide for commissioning, light management, and services designed to expand the capability of lighting systems.

Bridgelux Vesta Flex Drivers


Vesta Flex Features

  • Industry-standard brick and linear form factors
  • NFC programming interface
  • Logarithmic, square and linear dimming curves
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Large ecosystem of compatible sensors and switches
  • Case-temperature range: -40°C to 90°C

Vesta Flex Applications

  • Indoor lighting
  • Tunable white lighting systems