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Infineon XDPL8218 LED Driver IC

New digital LED driver IC produces high system efficiency and reliability

Infineon Technologies has extended its XDP™ portfolio of LED driver ICs with the XDPL8218, a constant voltage-output flyback converter IC which maintains a high power factor across a wide input-voltage and output-load range.

The XDPL8218 LED driver integrates a quasi-resonant digital flyback controller with algorithms which regulate the power factor and maintain low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD). The XDPL8218 is intended for use in two-stage designs, with a DC-DC converter on the secondary side and the XDPL8218 on the primary side.

The LED driver by Infineon operates in multiple modes to enable optimization of efficiency and speed of response. At full loads, it operates in quasi-resonant mode, in discontinuous-conduction mode at medium power, and in active burst mode at low power to maintain high efficiency over the full output-power range. The XDPL8218 handles a wide range of loads and reacts fast and predictably to dynamic load changes.

The XDPL8218 also includes embedded digital filters which reduce noise, as well as programmable blanking times for signal measurements.

The LED driver digital parameter configuration allows real-time changes to system designs. This, coupled with easy-to-use development tools, shortens the product development time and cuts time-to-market. The XDPL8218 may also be used to implement custom LED driver designs, and simplifies the generation and maintenance of multiple product variants while avoiding the need to hold multiple driver stock-keeping units.

The XDPL8218 includes an isolated auxiliary 20mA power output which may be used to supply external devices. It implements an adaptive temperature guard which protects the driver hardware from thermal stress.

Development Board

The REF-XDPL8218-U40W reference design board demonstrates the XDPL8218 driving a 40W LED lighting load with a replaceable feedback circuit.

Infineon — XDPL8218 LED Driver IC

XDPL8218 Datasheet

XDPL8218 Product Brief

XDPL8218 Design Guide

XDPL8218 Features

  • Input-voltage range:
    • 100V - 277V AC
    • 127V - 430V DC
  • >0.9 power factor
  • <15% THD
  • <100mW stand-by power
  • Under-voltage protection
  • Over-voltage protection
  • Open-load protection
  • Output short-circuit protection

XDPL8218 Applications

  • General lighting



Infineon ILD8150 80V DC-DC Converter IC

Buck LED driver IC performs hybrid dimming down to 0.5%

The Infineon Technologies ILD8150 is an 80V DC-DC converter IC for driving high-power LEDs. In applications operating at close to the limit of Safety Extra-Low Voltage (SELV) equipment, the ILD8150 provides a high safety voltage margin.

This buck LED driver IC by Infineon is for LEDs in general lighting applications operating with average drive current up to 1.5A. Several performance and protection features provide an ideal fit for professional LED lighting.

A PWM input signal between 250Hz and 20kHz controls dimming of the LED current. The ILD8150 converter IC uses innovative hybrid dimming: in the analog mode it dims from 100% to 12.5%, and between 12.5% to 0.5% it dims in PWM mode with a flicker-free modulation frequency of 3.4kHz. Analog dimming at a higher LED current is silent, producing no audible noise from the circuit’s inductors and ceramic capacitors.

Infineon ILD8150 80V DC-DC Converter IC

ILD8150 Features

  • Input-voltage range: 8V-80V DC
  • Maximum output current adjustable via shunt resistor
  • Typical ±3% output-current accuracy
  • Over-temperature protection



Infineon BCR601 / BCR602 Linear LED Controller IC

These controllers provide dimming and protection functions

Infineon Technology’s BCR601 and BCR602 are linear LED controller ICs which regulate the current supplied to an array of LEDs with an external transistor. The controller ICs support either NPN bipolar transistors or N-channel MOSFETs, operating over a wide LED current and power range.

The BCR601 by Infineon provides feedback to the primary side via an optocoupler to control the output voltage of the primary-side converter. Direct control of the voltage feedback loop minimizes the voltage overhead and power dissipation at the external driver transistor. The LED current from the BCR601 is fully scalable - it can be configured via an external resistor.

AC line ripple suppression, flexible dimming options and protection features make the BCR602 a perfect fit for LED modules which need to produce dimmable, flicker-free light and extend the life of LEDs.


Infineon BCR601 Linear LED Controller


Infineon BCR602 Linear LED Controller

BCR60x Features

  • Supply-voltage range: 8V-60V
  • 10mA gate driver current
  • Analog dimming down to 3%
  • Hot-plug capable
  • LED current regulation accurate to ±3%
  • Over-voltage protection
  • Over-temperature protection