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Infineon XDPL8219 PFC/Flyback Controller

Meets demanding performance and regulatory requirements

Infineon’s high-performance XDPL8219 PFC/flyback controller is ideal for lighting applications which require a high power factor and low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) over a universal input-voltage range of 90V-305V AC and a 30%-100% output load.

The XDPL8219 provides a constant-voltage output and is intended to be used with a secondary-side constant-current regulator. Featuring low stand-by power consumption and configurable performance adjustment, the XDPL8219 offers high efficiency over the full operating range. It also complies with the requirements of the IEC 61000-3-2 class C EMC standard.

Users can configure and optimize various parameters, including maximum switching frequency, active burst-mode frequency, protection thresholds, and hysteresis, via a UART interface pin using Infineon’s programming tool. The XDPL8219 also offers the ability to transmit UART signals to a host controller to monitor input voltage, line frequency, controller temperature, last error, and input-voltage loss.

The XDPL8219’s integrated protection features include input under- and over-voltage, output over-voltage or short circuit, and over-temperature.

The XDPL8219 starts up and initiates regulation within 400ms. An integrated 600V high-voltage start-up cell and a proprietary start-up sequence ensure a rapid rise in output voltage with minimal overshoot.

XDPL8219 Features

  • >90% efficiency
  • >0.9 power factor
  • <100mW standby power
  • Low audible noise
  • UL1310 safety feature

XDPL8219 Applications

  • LED lighting
  • AC-DC power supplies


Development Kit

Kit part number: REF-XDPL8219-U40W

The REF-XDPL8219-U40W reference design includes an XDPL8219 flyback controller IC, an 800V CoolMOS™ P7 superjunction MOSFET and an isolated plug-in board for reporting operating data.