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High Impact Retail Lighting Solutions Lighting That Sells

Creating branded experiences with high impact lighting

The retail sector provides an attractive business opportunity for luminaire manufacturers. Savvy retailers are seeking lighting solutions that produce a branded experience aimed directly at their target customers. This creates an excellent opportunity to market high impact lighting solutions that use modern, connected technology to attract and motivate today’s consumer.

Lumileds understands what drives retailers’ lighting decisions and offers a comprehensive portfolio that allows luminaire manufacturers to create limitless lighting effects. These solutions can help manufacturers create the unique experiences their retail customers desire – whether that’s warm and inviting, cool and edgy, or anything in between.

Products – Top picks from our Portfolio that Add the Best Value:


Lumileds – Matrix Platform Matrix Platform
Simplifying system design through integrated connectivity, controls and application specific driver topologies, enabling smaller and more elegant luminaires. Reducing system costs through a patented circuitry for CCT tuning and dim to warm electronics that pairs with single channel drivers and can achieve high definition pulse width modulation dimming down to 0.1%.


Lumileds – LUXEON CoB Core Range LUXEON CoB Core Range
Due to its small Light Emitting Surface (LES) and industry-leading thermal resistance, LUXEON CoB is easy to work with, enabling simplified and less expensive luminaire designs



Lumileds – LUXEON CoB Core Range – High Density LUXEON CoB Core Range – High Density
Providing unsurpassed performance, lifetime and quality of light for spotlights and downlights, including ultra-efficient 90+ CRI that eliminates the tradeoff between efficacy and quality of light.



Lumileds – LUXEON CoB Stylist Series LUXEON CoB Stylist Series
Accentuates merchandise through special color points and spectrally engineered solutions.



Lumileds – LUXEON 2835 Line LUXEON 2835 Line
A collection of compact devices that allows for design freedom and provides a superior overall system solution when a project requires high lumen output and good efficacy.



Lumileds – LUXEON 2835 Stylist Series LUXEON 2835 Stylist Series
Mid power series offering industry leading efficiency and reliability in a wide variety of voltage and lumen output options for linear lighting solutions.



What Makes Lumileds Solution Better and Different?
  • The only 90CRI with breakthrough efficacy, which eliminates the tradeoff between desired light quality and required lm/W
  • Specifically created for retail lighting, LUXEON Stylist Series creates impactful lighting, revealing the whitest whites and highlighting rich colors to increasing contrast
  • Both LUXEON Stylist Series and custom white color points are offered across CoB and Mid Power products for perfectly consistent spot, downlight and linear lighting
  • Enables the design of high punch miniature fixtures with superior quality of light and crisp uniform beams


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