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First MCU-based solution qualified for Alexa Voice Service

NXP Semiconductors has unveiled the world’s first microcontroller-based voice control solution qualified with Amazon’s Alexa voice service. This enables OEMs to quickly, easily and inexpensively add voice control to their products, giving their customers access to rich voice experiences with Alexa.

The NXP solution is based on an i.MX RT crossover platform, and runs on the Amazon FreeRTOS operating system.





Extension of Vesta series of tunable-white light sources

Bridgelux has expanded its Vesta® series of tunable-white and dim-to-warm light sources to help customers meet the increasing demands for environment-specific, personalized lighting.

The company has introduced new proprietary packaging technology which significantly improves near-field color uniformity and enhances beam quality when used with secondary optics.

It has also expanded the product portfolio to offer more options for light-emitting surface sizes, and new color-temperature options.





New optical sensor from ams for mobile cardiovascular monitoring

ams has introduced the AS7026, an optical sensor for continuous cardiovascular health monitoring which performs blood pressure measurement to medical-grade accuracy when mounted in a consumer wearable device such as a wristband or smart watch.

The AS7026 provides continuous heart rate, heart rate variability, blood pressure, and electrocardiography (ECG) measurements. The blood pressure measurement accuracy of the algorithm that the AS7026 runs is rated as medical grade (Grade B) under certain conditions when tested according to the IEEE 1708-2014 industry standard.


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