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Nexperia supplies various series of shift registers which enable designers of LED lighting systems to save space by using a compact, low-cost microcontroller to control the power supply to multiple LEDs. Suitable shift registers from Nexperia for this application include standard 8-bit devices such as the popular 74HC595, and also the newer NPIC6C series, which offers more advanced features.

Nexperia’s NPIC6C is a range of 12- and 8-bit power logic shift registers which meet the needs of 5V control logic circuits, as well as other applications. These devices include a serial output for cascading and allow for an input clock frequency of at least 10MHz. The NPIC6C shift registers can be used to replace the 74HC595 in existing designs.

Some parts in the NPIC6C portfolio offer a serial output delay to provide a longer data hold time, improving the timing margin and making it easier to cascade many shift registers. The NPIC6C series is available in TSSOP packages, and also in DQFN packages which save space and include a heat-sink, ideal for use at higher currents.

NPIC6C functions are also available in Nexperia’s Q100 portfolio of AEC-Q100 qualified parts for use in automotive applications.


The NPIC6C596A can replace an 74HC595 and 16 external MOSFETs


  • Low on-resistance
  • Simple control interface
  • Supports I/O expansion
  • Low power consumption
  • Cascadable
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to 125°C
  • Signage
  • Graphical status panels
  • Fault status indicators
  • Automotive lighting

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