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Vishay has released a new isolated IGBT/MOSFET driver which produces a high peak drive current of 2.5A with a high-efficiency, low power-drop MOSFET output stage, sufficient to directly drive high-power IGBTs with a rating up to 1,200V and 100A.

The VOD3120 combines a control stage optically coupled to a rail-to-rail MOSFET power output circuit. This means it can provide safety and noise isolation for digitally-controlled power electronics systems such as AC inverters and motor drives.

The VOD3120 is rated for a maximum repetitive peak voltage of 891V. Intended for use in applications such as solar inverters, which often have digital controls close to noise-generating power devices, the VOD3120 benefits from a high common-mode voltage rejection rating of 35kV/μs to protect control circuitry from electrical noise.

The VOD3120 provides under-voltage lock-out protection with hysteresis. It operates from a supply-voltage range of 15V to 30V.

  • Compatible with industrial three-phase line voltages
  • Highly efficient output drive dissipation
  • Can be triggered by embedded digital controllers
  • 0.5μs maximum propagation delay time
  • Low-power CMOS output stage
  • 5mA threshold current
  • Solar inverters
  • Motor drives
  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Induction hobs


VOD3120: 35kV/μs common-mode voltage rejection


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