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Infineon’s high-performance CIPOS™ Maxi Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs) provide a highly integrated inverter power stage for electric motors, helping system designers to achieve high reliability while optimizing PCB size and system costs.

The CIPOS Maxi products may be used to control three-phase AC motors and permanent magnet motors with a variable-speed drive. They support motor power loads up to 1.8kW in systems rated for up to 1,200V. The small size of the CIPOS Maxi IPMs – they are housed in a thermally-efficient DIP package measuring 36mm x 23mm – means that users benefit from the highest power density as well as the best performance in the 1,200V IPM class.

The devices are also the first 1,200V IPMs to include an optimized six-channel Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) gate driver to provide built-in dead-time, which prevents the risk of damage from high transient voltages.


CIPOS Maxi: Typical application circuit for a three-phase motor’s power stage

CIPOS Maxi: Typical application circuit for a three-phase motor’s power stage


  • Direct Bonded Copper (DBC) substrate offers excellent thermal conductivity
  • Six 1,200V TRENCHSTOP™ IGBTs
  • Allows negative supply voltage up to -11V for signal transmission at 15V
  • Integrated bootstrap functionality
  • Over-current shutdown
  • Under-voltage lock-out on all channels
  • All six switches turn off when a protection function is activated
  • Cross-conduction prevention
  • Low-side emitter pins accessible for phasecurrent monitoring
  • Enable input
  • UL-certified thermistor
  • Pumps
  • Blowers
  • Fan motors
  • Active power factor correction for HVAC systems
  • Low-power general-purpose drives
  • Servo drives
Infineon — Development Board EVALM1IM818A


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