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ON Semiconductor


ON Semiconductor’s comprehensive range of integrated power modules for motor driving includes pin-compatible replacements for International Rectifier and Mitsubishi parts. Power modules from ON Semiconductor are available to drive brushless DC motors with power ratings up to several kilowatts.


iRAM replacement modules

ON Semiconductor has introduced a new power module in a low-profile SIP-K package which shares the same footprint, pin-out and mounting screw locations as legacy International Rectifier iRAM series power modules.

The NFAP1060L3TT can be used as a like-for-like replacement for the iRAM136-1060A module, which has a power rating of 10A and 600V. Depending on the application requirements, it might also be suitable as a replacement for the 5A/600V IRAM136-0760A.

The new SIP-K package, based on the SIP-05 module style, integrates Field Stop 3 short-circuit rated IGBT technology and a new high-voltage driver IC. These improvements decrease the losses inside the module, and increase efficiency. In addition, the dies inside the module are smaller.

ON Semiconductor also supplies a wider range of iRAM-replacement single-in-line modules for use in brushless DC motors. There are two mounting options: vertical, or horizontal with pins bent at 90°. The modules include six IGBTs and three half-bridge drivers with bootstrap diodes.


iRAM replacement modules


  • Under-voltage protection
  • Over-current protection
  • Cross-conduction protection
  • Under-voltage lock-out
  • Thermal sensor
  • Fault output


Block diagram of an ON Semiconductor intelligent power module



Replacement modules for Mitsubishi parts


ON Semiconductor offers two new ranges of power modules for motor drivers which are pin-compatible with legacy Mitsubishi parts.

The ON Semiconductor SPM®49 series has the same footprint as the Mitsubishi Large DIP modules. The SPM®31 series is compatible with the Mitsubishi Mini DIP series.

The new ON Semiconductor modules offer superior thermal performance and higher power ratings than the equivalent Mitsubishi modules. This is because they have a Direct Bonded Copper (DBC) substrate which improves heat conduction from the module. Modules with a DBC and the same heat-sink as earlier devices run cooler and can carry a higher motor current in the same package.

ON Semiconductor modules in the SPM31 package can handle motor current up to 50A in 650V IGBTs, and up to 20A in 1,200V IGBTs.

Modules in the SPM49 package support up to 75A with 650V IGBTs and up to 50A with 1,200V IGBTs.


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