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Infineon’s CoolGaN™ enhancementmode High Electron-Mobility Transistor (e-mode HEMT) portfolio, fabricated in the Gallium Nitride (GaN) wide bandgap semiconductor material, offers industry-leading field performance. Power-system designers can use these GaN transistors to implement robust and reliable designs at an attractive system cost.

The CoolGaN products offer the most reliable and highly qualified GaN solution currently available on the market. Predicted lifetime is longer than 15 years, at a failure rate less than 1 F.I.T. (Failure In Time).

The CoolGaN HEMTs benefit from the attractive performance benefits of the GaN material. These include low gate charge and excellent dynamic performance in reverse conduction, far superior to those of equivalent silicon FETs.

When used in Power Factor Correction (PFC) circuits, Infineon’s 600V CoolGaN devices provide very high efficiency of higher than 99.3% for a 2.5kW PFC system, and high density of more than 160W/in3 in a 3.6kW LLC converter at >98% efficiency.

The CoolGaN portfolio is built around highperformance bottom- and top-side-cooling surface-mount packages which support highfrequency operation. Low parasitics and good thermal performance enable power-system designers to fully exploit the benefits of the CoolGaN HEMTs.


Features (IGOT60R070D1)
  • Ultra-fast switching
  • No reverse-recovery charge
  • Capable of reverse conduction
  • 5.8nC gate charge
  • 70mΩ maximum on-resistance
  • 31A maximum drain current
  • 600V maximum drain-source voltage
  • 1.6V maximum gate-source threshold
  • Qualified for industrial applications according to JEDEC standards JESD47 and JESD22
  • Servers and telecoms equipment
  • Hyper-scale data centers
  • Wireless chargers
  • Chargers and adapters
  • Switch-mode power supplies


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