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Infineon Technologies has extended its CoolGaN™ series of ultra-high efficiency Gallium Nitride (GaN) power transistors with the introduction of two new devices.

The IGLD60R190D1 is a 600V CoolGaN industrial-grade High Electron Mobility Transistor (HEMT) for low- and mid-power applications. Like every CoolGaN switch, it conforms to JEDEC standards.

Infineon has also launched the IGT40R070D1 E8220, a 400V CoolGaN HEMT tailored for premium hi-fi audio systems.

Infineon: Innovating in GaN Technology

Fabricated in Infineon’s newly developed GaN-onsilicon process, the CoolGaN family substantially increases power-conversion efficiency, improves power density and reduces the environmental impact of power management by comparison with today's alternative solutions.

The benefits of the CoolGaN technology result from the transistor’s ability to operate at high switching frequencies while keeping losses to a very low level. Zero reverse-recovery charge enables the implementation of topologies that have never before been used in power supplies, such as the full-bridge totem pole topology for power factor correction.

Infineon’s reliable GaN HEMTs are backed by a matched EiceDRIVER™ series of GaN gate drivers.

New 600V GaN HEMT for Industrial and Consumer Applications

The IGLD60R190D1, which features onresistance of 190mΩ, is intended for use in consumer and industrial applications. It is available at an attractive cost which lowers the barrier to entry into this new field of technology.

Easy to design-in to power circuits, the new 600V CoolGaN HEMT is supplied in a standard DFN 8mm x 8mm outline, making it the smallest GaN device in Infineon’s portfolio.

New 400V GaN HEMT for Audio Applications

By replacing bulky linear or tube amplifiers with the IGT40R070D1 E8220 CoolGaN 400V switch as a Class D amplifier output stage, audio-system designers can produce an excellent listening experience while saving space and reducing power consumption.

The new device, which features a zero reverse-recovery charge in the body diode and very small, linear input and output capacitances, enables hi-fi systems to produce a more natural and wider sound stage.

  • Thermally-efficient surface-mount packages
  • Low capacitance
  • High quality and reliability
  • Devices can be paralleled
  • Low-power switch-mode power supplies
  • Telecoms rectifiers
  • Servers
  • Adapters and chargers
  • Wireless charging
  • Hi-fi and audio equipment



FTM Development Board

This CoolGaN evaluation board features a halfbridge made up of 70mΩ GaN power transistors, and a pair of EiceDRIVER™ GaN gate drivers, along with input logic which controls the adjustable dead-time.

Using an external inductor, the board can be configured for buck or boostmode, double-pulse testing or continuous PWM operation, and for hard or soft switching at power levels as high as several kilowatts, and at frequencies higher than 1MHz.