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ON Semiconductor

ON Semiconductor’s FAN73912, a half-bridge gate-drive IC, provides a high-voltage and high-speed drive input to MOSFETs and IGBTs which operate at up to 1,200V.

The gate driver offers various features which provide protection against operating faults, and give flexibility to the power-system designer.

For instance, the FAN73912 includes an advanced input filter at the high-side Input pin which protects against short-pulsed input signals caused by noise.

In addition, an advanced level-shift circuit supports high-side gate-driver operation at a high-side floating offset voltage of up to -9.8V, while providing a total high-side floating supply voltage of 15V.

The FAN73912 can drive both channels with 2A of sourcing current and 3A of sinking current.

  • Floating channel for bootstrap operation at up to +1,200V
  • Built-in shoot-through protection logic
  • Common-mode noise-canceling circuit
  • Under-voltage lock-out protection on both channels
  • Matched propagation delay below 50ns
  • Outputs in phase with input signal
  • AC-DC power supplies
  • Server power supplies
  • Consumer devices
  • Industrial motors
  • Medical electronics
  • Home appliances


FAN73912 gate driver is suitable for use with MOSFETs or IGBTs