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ON Semiconductor NCL30486 Primary-Side Controller for LED Drivers Provides High Power Quality

ON Semiconductor’s NCL30486 is a primary-side PWM power controller for LED drivers which enables very deep analog dimming.

The NCL30486 provides a very high-quality power output which eases compliance with the strict regulations applied to LED lighting circuits. In particular, it achieves a power factor greater than 0.95 and total harmonic distortion of less than 10%.

Excellent current regulation which is accurate to <±2% maintains constant brightness with imperceptible variation in flux. Voltage regulation is accurate to <±1%.

The NCL30486 is a single-stage, constant-current/constant-voltage PWM controller which can be applied in various power-conversion topologies, including flyback, buck-boost, Sepic and boost. It operates in a quasi-resonant mode to give high efficiency.

Thanks to a novel control technique applied by ON Semiconductor, the device is able to tightly regulate a constant LED current from the primary side. The analog dimming output current is supplied via two dedicated dimming control input pins, ADIM and PDIM.

NCL30486 Features

  • Integrated 700V start-up
  • Option linear/quadratic dimming curves
  • Optional minimum dimming clamping to 0%/1%/5%/8%
  • Multiple protection functions

NCL30486 Applications

  • LED drivers


ON Semiconductor NCL30486