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ON Semiconductor

The NIS5820 from ON Semiconductor is a self-protected, resettable electronic fuse which can greatly enhance the resilience of electronic circuits against catastrophic failures and shut-downs.

It contains circuits to monitor the input voltage, output voltage, output current and die temperature. Its function is to buffer the load against excessive input voltages which can damage sensitive circuits.

It includes an over-voltage clamp circuit which limits the output voltage during transients, but does not shut the unit down, thereby allowing the load circuit to continue its operation.

The low on-resistance of the NIS5820 fuse means that both conduction losses and the voltage drop for any given current are low. Low quiescent current reduces the overall bias current of the system.

The fuse also features a high continuous-current capability, which means that the system can drive large loads including capacitive loads without giving rise to safe operating area concerns.

The NIS5820 has a tri-state Enable/Fault pin, which allows fuses to be mounted in parallel, and to be turned on and off simultaneously.

  • On-resistance options: 14mΩ and 24mΩ
  • Adjustable over-current protection
  • Over- and under-voltage protection
  • Reverse current protection
  • Adjustable output slew rate
  • Built-in current sensing
  • Thermal shut-down for self-protection
  • Servers and motherboards
  • Storage devices
  • Power supplies
  • Hot-plug fans
  • Industrial systems
  • Relay replacement