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Panasonic has introduced the AQY217GS, a new series of high-power PhotoMOS® optically-isolated relays in a small package which maintain a low on-resistance.

The 1 Form A AQY217GS relays, which are supplied in a four-pin SOP surface-mount package measuring 4.3mm x 4.4mm x 2.1mm, are capable of handling up to 400mA at 200V. They can handle both AC and DC loads.

The relays also feature low on-resistance of 1.8Ω, helping to reduce heat dissipation while accelerating turn-on activation. Typical turn-on time is 1.2ms, and turn-off time is 0.03ms.

Panasonic’s PhotoMOS relays can sometimes be used in applications in which traditional electromechanical relays are used.

Replacing a standard electromechanical relay with a PhotoMOS device can provide additional benefits such as:

  • Longer life cycle
  • Better resistance to shock and vibration
  • Lower on-resistance

This makes PhotoMOS relays a good solution for the test and measurement, electrical power and industrial markets.

  • High current switching
  • 0.4A maximum load current
  • 200V AC/DC load voltage rating
  • 400mW maximum output power dissipation
  • 1,500Vrms isolation voltage
  • Operating-temperature range: -40°C to 85°C
  • UL recognized


  • Electrical power systems
  • Test and measurement instruments
  • Security equipment
  • Fire prevention systems
  • Industrial machines
  • Building automation systems