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STMicroelectronics BlueNRG-2N Bluetooth® Low Energy Wireless Network Coprocessor

Ultra-low-power device allowing for scaling of system designs

The BlueNRG-2N from STMicroelectronics is a new Bluetooth® 5.0-certified wireless network co-processor which offers lower power consumption than earlier generations of Bluetooth radios while providing higher data throughput and stronger privacy and security capabilities.

The BlueNRG-2N is supplied pre-programmed, and ready to be associated with a host microcontroller, for which it provides Bluetooth wireless connectivity. This host + co-processor architecture simplifies end product assembly, and allows the performance, features, and cost of the host MCU to be scaled independently of the radio.

The latest Bluetooth enhancements featured in the STMicroelectronics BlueNRG-2N include support for the Data Length Extension feature, which accelerates over-the-air firmware updates by as much as 2.5 times, and increases the data-transfer rate to 700kbits/s at the application level.

In addition, support for Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Privacy 1.2 means that the BlueNRG-2N can change address frequently without the involvement of the host, and with minimal impact on system power consumption.

The BlueNRG-2N is programmed with a digitally signed Bluetooth LE stack, which saves manufacturing costs while still giving the flexibility to upgrade the stack over-the-air. Built-in image authentication technology checks the stack before start-up to allow only signed firmware images to run, enhancing the system’s cyber-security.

Power consumption of the BlueNRG-2N is lower than that of previous BlueNRG processors: it draws just 900nA in shut-down mode with the Bluetooth LE stack running. At the same time, the device maintains robust and reliable radio performance, thanks to a link budget of up to 96dB.

Developers working with ST’s BlueNRG family of Bluetooth radio chips can take advantage of the powerful and user-friendly STM32 online development environment, which includes the STM32CubeMX GUI plug-in, to kick-start their projects.

The BlueNRG-2N is available in two versions:

  • BlueNRG-234N in a 2.7mm x 2.6mm wafer-level chip-scale package
  • BlueNRG-232N in a 5mm x 5mm QFN32 package

BlueNRG-2N Features

  • 6.8mA Transmit current at -2dBm at 3.0V
  • 6.2mA Receive current
  • Internal DC-DC converter and LDO regulators
  • Up to eight simultaneous connections
  • Secure pairing prevents eavesdropping
  • Product longevity guaranteed for ten years

BlueNRG-2N Applications

  • Watches
  • Fitness, wellness and sports equipment
  • Consumer medical devices
  • Security and proximity sensing equipment
  • Remote controls
  • Home automation
  • Industrial automation
  • Assisted living
  • Mobile phone peripherals
  • Lighting
  • PC peripherals

Development Kit


STMicroelectronics X-NUCLEO BNRG2A1


The X-NUCLEO-BNRG2A1 is a Bluetooth Low Energy expansion board based on the BLUENRG-M2SP module, and is compatible with the STM32 Nucleo family of microcontroller development boards.