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Triad Magnetics


Triad’s WS Series Wall Plug-In Power Supplies combine a state-of-the-art design, superior performance and outstanding quality with excellent energy efficiency to reduce power demand for a sustainable green-friendly environment.

They meet or exceed the requirements of U.S. EISA 2007, California CEC and ECD 2005/32/EC, including Level VI energy efficiency requirements. They’re also available in an interchangeable package configuration providing user versatility.


Key Specifications
  • Power: 6.75W to 36W
  • Input: 100 to 240VAC at 50/60Hz
  • Output: 4.5VDC to 24VDC
  • Typical six-foot long cord
  • Interchangeable input plugs available
  • Barrel connector output
  • Low voltage DC devices or circuits
  • Laptops, PCs, printers, phones
  • Audio, appliances, lighting and more


Take a Look Inside the WS Series

When compared to traditional 50-60Hz power supplies, the WS Series is 25% more efficient, 50% smaller and 70% lighter. With its ROHS-compliant surface-mount components, the WS Series provides a clean and compact lower density layout, which is ideal for automated assembly and so reliable that they come with Triad’s superior 5-year warranty.

The WS Series also features Class B EMI certification with power isolation to filter out noise and provide common mode signal rejection. With safety pre-approvals, no testing is necessary.

Custom WS Plug-In Power Supplies

From a special output connector to a unique case color, to a full blown custom design, Triad has the capability to provide a custom WS Series Wall Plug-In Power Supply that will satisfy any requirement.


You can change the output connector with a production run of as few as 100 pieces. Triad can provide a custom case color for as few as 500 pieces. Triad can provide a complete custom design with a minimum 1,000 piece order per year.

Triad has designed custom wall plug-in power supplies for touchless faucets, decorator lighting controls, motorized window shades that adjust all day long following the sun and many more unique applications.

Triad’s California Design Center

Triad’s innovative California design center speeds your custom wall plug-in power supply, internal power supply, inductor or transformer from design to prototype, to testing, to full production within weeks.

Expert Engineering Staff

With decades of expertise, the Triad design engineering staff works directly with you. They know the complexities of combining cores, laminations and bobbins into custom power supplies and a wide variety of other magnetic components.

Triad engineers can suggest changes in design or materials to optimize your design. For some projects, long-life might be the most important thing. In other cases, material changes can reduce costs.

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