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Vishay Intertechnology has introduced a new part in its IHSR series of high-temperature commercial inductors.

Intended for use in multi-phase, high-current power supplies and filters, the IHSR-4040DZ-51 offers a 50% reduction in DC resistance compared to competing power inductors. Its 4040 package has a 4mm profile, at least 20% lower than that of similar ferrite products, enabling developers to realize slimmer end-product designs.

The IHSR-4040DZ-51’s low DC resistance of 0.52mΩ and inductance of 0.13μH allow for higher current density than competing devices. Rated current is 92A. The IHSR-4040DZ-51 handles high transient-current spikes without saturation.

The inductor features a high standard tolerance of DC resistance of ±5%. Parts with ±3% tolerance are available for applications requiring more accurate current sensing.

Rated for a frequency range up to 5MHz, the IHSR-4040DZ-51 is suitable for the energy-storage function in DC-DC converters, and for high-current filtering up to the device’s self-resonant frequency of 151MHz.

  • Low acoustic buzz noise
  • 72A heat rating current
  • 63A saturation current
  • High resistance to thermal and mechanical shock and to moisture
  • 155°C maximum operating temperature
  • Computing equipment
  • Industrial equipment
  • Telecoms equipment
  • Distributed power systems


IHSR inductors: 20% height savings


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