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Panasonic has introduced the ETQ-P5M2R5YSK, an automotive power choke coil which offers high vibration resistance for use in Electronic Control Units (ECUs) in the engine bay. It can be integrated into ECUs with no anti-vibration reinforcement, helping to streamline the production process.

The fast-growing market for environmentally friendly and energy-efficient cars is creating new pressure to advance the electrification of the automotive sector. This move to electrification calls for more electric motors to be integrated into vehicle systems to improve efficiency and passenger comfort. Each motor requires an ECU, and more and more of the ECUs in new vehicle designs are being mounted within the engine itself, giving the benefits of space-saving and resilience.

As a consequence, the components used in these ECUs require a high temperature rating, must be capable of handling high currents, and have to withstand severe vibrations.

The ETQ-P5M2R5YSK power choke coil now offers a new option for automotive OEMs that are developing engine-mounted ECUs. It can withstand vibrations in three dimensions of up to 50g. Rated current, which produces a temperature rise of no more than 40K in a device mounted on an FR4 board, is a high 12.0A. Maximum operating temperature is 150°C.

Thanks to Panasonic’s use of ferrous alloy magnetic material, the ETQ-P5M2R5YSK provides excellent inductance stability even at a high bias-current input and over the entire operating-temperature range.

Panasonic also supplies the ETQ-P5MR68YSC, another vibration-resistant power choke coil for automotive applications.

Vibration Durability Conditions

  • Vibration acceleration: 50g (490m/s2)
  • Frequency: 5Hz to 2,000Hz
  • Amplitude: 5mm maximum
  • Vibration directions, number of times (Time): X, Y, Z directions, 108 times (equivalent to 100h)
  • Temperature: 150°C (including product's self-heating when energized)
  • AEC-Q200 qualified
  • Low audible buzz noise
  • 1.9g weight
  • Metal composite core
  • Automotive electric motors
  • Drivetrain systems
  • Body electronics
  • Input filters
  • DC-DC converters


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