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The optoelectronics group of Vishay Intertechnology has introduced a new ambient light sensor to support backlight dimming control in smart watches, sports wristbands and mobile phones, in which very high sensitivity is needed to allow light to be sensed through dark cover glass.

The VEML6035 features a highly sensitive photodiode, a low-noise amplifier and a 16-bit ADC in a transparent surface-mount package which measures only 2mm x 2mm x 0.4mm - small enough for use in compact consumer devices.

The sensor features Filtron™ wafer-level optical filter technology which makes the VEML6035’s spectral sensitivity to ambient light very similar to that of the human eye.

The VEML6035 provides an active interrupt feature which is triggered outside the threshold window settings, avoiding the need for instructions from the host.

Integrated temperature compensation maintains output stability over the operating-temperature range. A programmable shut-down mode keeps quiescent current to a low 0.5µA.

  • 170μA operating current
  • Highly linear behaviour between 0.004 lux and 6,710 lux
  • High optical resolution
  • Configured with simple I2C commands
  • 100Hz and 120Hz flicker noise rejection
  • Mobile devices
  • Backlight dimming control
  • Optical switches
  • Consumer electronics
  • Computing equipment
  • Industrial equipment


Vishay — VEML6035

VEML6035: Spectral responsivity closely matches that of the human eye

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