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Maxim Integrated


Maxim’s Wearables/Health Solution


What is it?
  • MAX31341B nanoPower RTC
  • MAX30208 clinical-grade digital temperature sensor
  • MAXM86161 in-ear heart-rate monitor


What problem does it solve?

Wearable devices must typically be:

  • Extreme low-power
  • Small

These Maxim parts are optimized for wearable applications.



MAX31341B Real Time Clock


What is it?

A Real Time Clock(RTC) keeps track of time.


What are the features and benefits?
  • Save power while tracking time
  • Reduce the need for other external components
  • Extend device battery life

That’s why the MAX31341B makes a good case for using a discrete solution instead of the function that’s built into your design’s microcontroller.



MAX86161 In-Ear Heart Rate Monitor


What is it?

A In-ear heart rate monitor


What are the features and benefits?
  • Complete Single-Channel Optical Data Acquisition System
  • Built-In Algorithm Further Enhances Rejection of Fast Ambient Transients
  • Optimized Architecture for Reflective Heart Rate and SpO Monitoring

The MAXM86161 in-ear heart-rate monitor provides best-in-class signal-to-noise ratio at 35% lower power and 40% less space.