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Power, thermal, and interface, signal, motor, and lighting, safety and security… analog is everywhere, and designers must choose the right analog solutions for their products.

Microchip offers a wide range of mixed-signal, linear, interface and power products to address common and complex design challenges. When combined with their microcontrollers, digital signal controllers and microprocessors, designers can streamline their processes and lower risk to easily create complete systems. Microchip also provides evaluation boards, simulation software, an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and other tools, so you can quickly design, prototype and test every element of your system.


More from Microchip:


• Analog Solutions for All Qualifications and Complexities

Microchip’s analog portfolio can solve both common and complex problems while reducing design time.


• Interactive Product Discovery Tool for Analog and Interface Solutions

"Treelink" product presentation is a great discovery tool that provides an encompassing overview of all Microchip Technology's analog and interface products.



• Interactive Diagram Tool to Help Build a Complete System

Use the interactive block diagram tool to learn more about specific product types. Assemble all the components needed for your application.


• MPLAB® Mindi™ Analog Simulator to Accelerate Design and Lower Risk

Microchip's FREE software for Circuit Protection


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