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Panasonic Low Profile Type PIR Motion Sensors

Featuring a wide variety of detection types

Panasonic PIR Motion Sensors offer a lower profile alternative to standard lens design (10.9mm versus 14.4mm height). The New “Low Profile” PIR Motion Sensors feature a one-chip ASIC design which is superior to discreet solutions by saving space, adding electro-magnetic shielding to all circuitry and cutting down on the number of components required.

These Passive Infrared (PIR) sensors consist of a lens to create various detection zones, an optical filter to block non-infrared light, pyroelectric sensing elements and an impedance converter to get an electrical signal. In addition, Panasonic also integrates an amplifier and comparator circuit on the same chip all densely packed inside the stem block.

PIR Motion Sensor Applications include:

  • Lighting Controls
  • Thermostats and HVAC Systems
  • Smart Home and IoT
  • IP Cameras and Surveillance Systems
  • Digital Signage


Panasonic EKMB and EKMC Series Low Profile PIR Motion Sensors

PIR Motion Sensors FAQs

All you need to know about Panasonic PIR Motion Sensors guide.
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PIR Sensor Lens Design Type Options

Multiple Design Options Available The latest PIR Motion Sensor lens design options include Wide Area Detection offering a wide detection spanning over 10.8 meters. The EKMC and EKMB Series (shown below) offer this design alternative. Other formats include long distance, wall installation, slight motion, high density/long distance, horizontally wide, and standard.

Wide Area Detection

The latest lens design option within Panasonic's EKMB and EKMC Series product line ups providing wide area detection spanning over 10.8 meters.

Ultra Slight Motion

Also available within the EKMB and EKMC Series, this product family is designed to provide ultra slight motion detection. Their high signal to noise ratio ensures the prevention of false triggers.

Low Profile

Another EKMB and EKMC Series product, these motion sensors are geared towards space-constrained applications with their lower profile format (10.9mm versus 14.4mm height).



EKMB Series

EKMC Series


More Information on PIR Sensors


What is a PIR Sensor?

A pyroelectric infrared (PIR) sensor that detects variations in infrared rays. All objects emit IR, and a PIR sensor detects a change of IR level in its Field of View.

PIR Sensor - What is it


What Problem Does it Solve?

As a human or animal moves across its FoV, the sensor detects a change in IR in each target zone (“+” and “-”).

PIR Sensor - What Problem Does it Solve


What are the Features and Benefits?

Panasonic introduces new Lower Profile for better application fit, function and aesthetics.

PIR Sensor - What are the Features and Benefits


What are the Focus Applications/Markets?

  • Anywhere presence detection is required
  • Lighting
  • IoT
  • Security

PIR Sensor - What are the Focus Applications/Markets