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Your solution provider for all power technologies: From Silicon to Silicon carbide and Gallium nitride.

Infineon is the leader in the power semiconductor market and currently the only manufacturer mastering all power technologies while offering the broadest product and technology portfolio of silicon (such as SJ MOSFETs, IGBTs), silicon carbide (such as Schottky diodes, MOSFETs) and gallium nitride-based (e-mode HEMTs) devices, covering bare die, discretes and module solutions.

Equipped with the only 300-millimeter wafer fab for power semi¬conductors in the world, Infineon is best positioned to fully seize the growth opportunities in the power semiconductor industry.

Infineon – part of your life, part of tomorrow.

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CoolMOS™ 7 Family – Characteristics and Use in high/low power applications

By introducing the first top-side cooled SMD package with built-in 4-pin Kelvin source configuration, Infineon addresses high power SMPS applications such as PC power, solar, server and telecom with a new top-side SMD cooling concept. The top-side cooling approach of DDPAK overcomes the thermal limits of the PCB material by thermally decoupling of the board and semiconductor.

This feature enables customers to either increase the system lifetime of their design or improve the power density at a given form factor. The decoupling can be used to achieve up to ~12°C lower board temperature on the output power level compared to a standard cooling concept or up to 20 percent higher power dissipation on the board temperature level compared to a standard cooling concept.

With 600 V CoolMOS™ SJ MOSFET G7 and 650 V CoolSiC™ Schottky diode G6 - both available in DDPAK package - Infineon provides a system solution for high current, hard switching topologies such as PFC, and a high-end efficiency solution for LLC topologies.

By combining the DDPAK product offerings with Infineon’s single-channel, low-side gate driver family featuring truly differential inputs (1EDN7550x,1EDN8550x), optimized system solutions for high power designs are enabled.

Key Features
  • CoolMOS™ G7 best-in-class FOM (RDS(on) x Eoss and RDS(on) x Qg)
  • CoolSiC™ G6 best-in-class VF and FOM (Qc x VF)
  • CoolMOS™ G7 and CoolSiC™ G6 – perfectly matched system solutions in PFC
  • Innovative top-side cooling concept enabling thermal decoupling of boards and semiconductors
  • Built-in 4-pin Kelvin source configuration and low parasitic source inductance leading to highest efficiency
  • MLS1 compliant and entirely Pb-free
  • DDPAK TCOB capability of > 2000 cycles, exceeding industry quality standards
Key Benefits

CoolMOS™ C7 Gold (G7) SJ MOSFET and CoolSiC™ Schottky diode G6

  • Enabling highest energy efficiency

DDPAK package

  • Thermal decoupling of board and semiconductor overcomes thermal PCB limits
  • Reduced parasitic source inductance improves efficiency and ease-of-use
  • Enables higher power density solutions
  • Exceeds the highest quality standards


Product brief — Double DPAK (DDPAK) package




Top-side cooled Double DPAK (DDPAK) - Innovative top-side cooled SMD solution for high power applications

This is the first top-side cooled surface mount device (SMD) package addressing high power SMPS applications such as PC power, solar, server and telecom. SMD based SMPS designs support fast switching and help to reduce the parasitic inductance associated with long leaded packages such as the common TO-220 package. In today’s SMD based designs, the output power is restricted by the thermal limit of the PCB material because the heat must be dissipated through the board. Thanks to the top-side cooling concept of DDPAK, the thermal decoupling of the board and semiconductor is possible, enabling higher power density and improved system lifetime.

Increasing complexity of end products is challenging the design parameters for high power supplies: these require higher power and more efficiency in an even smaller space. Semiconductor devices are essential to the operation and performance of modern switched mode power supplies (SMPS). Over the last years, a trend towards surface mount devices (SMD) has been emerging. Thermal management of the present-day SMD-based SMPS designs still remains a barrier to efficiency. Infineon Technologies AG offers Double DPAK (DDPAK), the first topside cooled SMD package, addressing high power applications such as server, telecom, solar and high-end PC power. This new packaging solution enables fast switching and high efficiency in reduced size and weight with a minimized total cost of ownership.

The innovative topside cooled package exceeds the industry’s quality requirements. Thanks to the innovative top-side cooling concept, it further shapes the high power SMPS market. The features of DDPAK are combined with the benefits of the existing high voltage technologies of 600V CoolMOS™ G7 SJ MOSFET and CoolSiC™ Schottky Diode 650V G6. The thermal decoupling of the printed circuit board and semiconductor enables higher power density and longer system lifetime.

DDPAK offers industry-leading performance as an SMD alternative for high power SMPS designs. Its four-pin configuration allows for separate pin source-sense to deliver undisturbed signal to the driver. Thus, it provides higher efficiency at full load.

Infineon enables optimized system solutions for high power designs by combining its CoolMOS™ G7 with CoolSiC™ G6 and EiceDRIVER™ families.

Top-side cooled Double DPAK (DDPAK)

Innovative top-side cooled SMD solution for high power applications

Technology Leadership Extended - Infineon, the leader in power, adds GaN to its portfolio

Infineon is uniquely positioned in the power semiconductor market, mastering all power technologies from silicon (Si) like CoolMOS™ SJ MOSFETs and IGBTs to wide bandgap materials like silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN). Its CoolGaN™ devices will significantly enhance designer’s ability to deliver the compact, high performance power systems of the future.

Take the opportunity to discover Infineon’s newly launched portfolio of CoolGaN™ switches in SMD packages. Perfectly complemented with dedicated single-channel functional and reinforced isolated EiceDRIVER™ gate driver IC parts. Enter a new era of efficiency with Infineon.

What turns Infineon into your best choice when it comes to GaN based solutions? The four pillars of success make the difference:

The four pillars of success

Unique power technology portfolio

  • Expertise in all leading power technologies (Si, SiC, GaN, GaN-on-Si)
  • Extensive IP portfolio and strong GaN patent portfolio

Application-dedicated products

  • Comprehensive power portfolio ensures best fit every time (Si, SiC and GaN)
  • GaN product portfolio optimized for application-specific requirements
  • GaN-based chips available as bare die and in high-performing SMD packaging
  • Line-up: Combination of switch and driver allows for ease-of-use

Benchmark in manufacturing

  • Cooperation with partners to ensure quality and delivery
  • GaN-on-Si e-mode HEMT technology through dual-source offerings with licensed partners
  • No compromise on quality
  • First GaN switches in SMD packages with fully owned supply chain
  • Scalability of GaN-on-Si from 150mm to 200mm to 300mm

Infineon is in the unique position to fully own the whole supply chain (incl. high volume fab for economies of scale) and to have all currently available semiconductor technologies (Si, SiC, GaN, GaN-on-Si). Customers receive unbiased advice and product offerings tailored to their needs and their application profiles.

CoolGaN™ 600 V e-mode HEMTs - Key features & benefits (Highest efficiency & density levels in SMPS)

Infineon’s CoolGaN™ is the most reliable and highly qualified GaN solution currently available in the market and offers a predicted lifetime of more than 15 years, with a failure rate of less than 1 F.I.T. With CoolGaN™, Infineon launches a GaN enhancement mode high electron mobility transistor (e-mode HEMT) portfolio with industry-leading field performance enabling robust and reliable systems at an attractive overall system cost.

The e-mode concept is a single-chip solution and hence facilitates further integration either on the chip or package level. Infineon brought its enhancement mode concept to the level of semiconductor maturity required for demanding applications, delivering the highest performance among all available GaN HEMTs.

GaN switch performance features low gate (Qg) charge and excellent dynamic performance in reverse conduction compared to silicon FET options. Infineon’s CoolGaN™ 600 V impresses with highest PFC efficiency (>99.3% for 2.5 kW PFC) and highest density for same efficiency (>160 W/in3 for 3.6 kW LLC with >98% efficiency).

The CoolGaN™ portfolio is built around high performing bottom- and top-side cooling SMD packages supporting high frequency operations. Lower parasitics and good thermal performance guarantee to take full advantage of the benefits of GaN.

Infineon’s qualification plan for its GaN switches follows a dedicated approach well beyond Si standards (e.g. JEDEC) thereby setting the defacto Industry Standard on wide-bandgap quality. Application profiles (incl. most stringent and challenging applications requiring +15 years lifetime, e.g. server / telecom) are an integral part of the qualification. Failure models – based on accelerated test conditions – ensure that in the field a target lifetime and quality are met.

Target applications: servers, hyper scale datacenters, telecom, wireless charging, chargers, adapters, SMPS

Key Features
  • Best FOM of 600 V power devices
  • Excellent for hard and soft switching topologies
  • Optimized for turn-on and turn-off
  • Zero reverse recovery charge
  • The cutting-edge technology for innovative solutions and high volumes compared to Si technology
  • 10x higher breakdown field and 2x higher mobility
  • 10x lower output charge
  • 10x lower gate charge and linear Coss characteristic
Key Benefits
  • Highest efficiency for SMPS; excellent efficiency in resonant circuits
  • Highest power density enables small and light designs
  • Surface mount (SMD) packaging ensures that switching capabilities of GaN are fully accessed
  • Easy to use thanks to a complimentary driver IC portfolio
  • Very low RDS(on) and large cost-down potential
  • New topologies and current modulation
  • Fast (and nearly lossless) switching