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With Finnish design expertise and global production, we are the leading optics supplier to the world’s premier lighting manufacturers.

Our wide range of optical solutions combine innovative designs and excellent performance making us the first choice for demanding applications. Close connections with all the leading LED manufacturers allow us to release products alongside the newest LEDs; and our customers to enjoy rapid development and deployment of new fixtures with the latest technology. A selection of over 4000 standard and unlimited custom solutions combined with our “can do, will do” attitude ensure you find the product you need for your application. With a global network of distributors and free of charge technical support to all our customers we provide the most competitive solutions available today.

In addition to our wide product portfolio of standard products we also offer custom tailored solutions. Our long expertise in optical design and close collaboration with our customers to meet their special needs is in some cases the only way to find the best solution for a project.


When is a customized solution needed?

  • No mechanically or optically suitable product available
  • Looking for a unique design solution and differentiation
  • Meeting special requirements for certain applications
  • Need for specific material


Why LEDiL?

  • Long experience and wide expertise in optical design
  • Full turnkey service
    - No need for external 3D-designers
    - Accurate light laboratory measurements
    - Production facilities on different continents
    - Wide testing capabilities to support product development
    - Thermal analysis service from the beginning of a project
    - Technical support during the whole lifetime of a product
  • Broad recognition in the industry as a manufacturer of high quality products