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LPC54000 Series: LPC5411x
Expanding the LPC54000 series, the LPC5411x are highly integrated multi-market application microcontrollers designed to enable the next generation of Internet of Things end nodes.

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USB Type-C - True Plug'n'Play
Delivering data rates up to 10 Gbps and up to 100 W of power, USB Type-C is the new connector for all next generation products. Perfectly tailored for emerging product designs, it offers rich interface capabilities with 'Alternate mode' support. Together with these improved capabilities comes easier design and usability with fully reversible plug orientation and cable direction, making USB Type-C far more convenient for consumers and helping deliver a true Plug and Play experience.

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PN7120 NFC Controller SBC Kit
OM5577/PN7120S allows users to easily incorporate NFC into OS environments such as Linux and Android. The kit is an easy-to-use Single Board Computer (SBC) Kit for the PN7120 NFC Controller. The development kit contains a PN7120 NFC Controller Board, a Raspberry Pi Interface Board, a BeagleBone Interface Board, as well as an NFC Forum Type 2 Tag in form of a MIFARE UL Card. Ready to use demo examples include reading and writing tags as well as interfacing other NFC enabled devices via Peer-to-Peer.


PN7120 NFC Controller SBC Kit
The OM5569/NT312D is a simple, easy to use kit featuring the connected tag chip, NTAG I2C. Designed to simulate an NTAG I2C tag chip in an embedded electronics system, the kit allows users to demonstrate basic principles of dual interface. Users can develop and test their own applications while being able to explore all NTAG I²C features. The kit includes a main board, a class 5 antenna board and is supported by an Android app that is available on the Google play store free of charge.


High Performance NFC Frontend Reader IC CLRC663 Demo Kit
The CLEV663B kit is an exciting opportunity for users to test the capabilities of the CLRC663 reader board. The CLRC663 is a high performance Frontend P2P reader/writer IC that supports multiple contactless reader protocols based on 13.56 MHz. The evaluation kit includes the reader board that is attached to the antenna. This kit is complemented with the NXP Reader library which is simple to understand and include examples for fast development supporting LPCXpresso development boards, LPC1227 and LPC1769.


Introducing the LPC18Sxx & LPC43Sxx Microcontrollers
The "S" is for secure when it comes to the new LPC18Sxx and LPC43Sxx Series of microcontrollers from NXP. Helping embedded developers secure application code and data messages in connected applications against threats such as theft and cloning, rhese new microcontroller families are Pin Compatible and add support for secure boot and secure messaging to the long list of advanced control, high-speed connectivity, display, advanced timing, and flexible peripheral features for which the popular LPC1800 and LPC4300 series are known.

The LPC18Sxx and LPC43Sxx microcontroller families are well suited for any 'connected' application, particularly hubs or gateways, tasked with relaying and/or bridging large volumes of high-speed data. These functions are common in products such as smart meter communications hubs, factory, building, and home automation devices, streaming audio products, automotive aftermarket and many more.

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