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Design for tomorrow

Energy innovation embodies everything from power generation to energy storage and all steps in between. With lots of moving parts, a quickly evolving market, and tight windows of opportunity, it’s important to stay on top of the industry’s latest information to break the ground with innovative designs and confident steps toward tomorrow.

Future Electronics, as your trusted partner for technology solutions and engineering expertise, stays future-ready. We are the source of information and the link between concept to creation. Our insights anticipate market trends and bring value to our business partners every step of the way.

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E-Mobility | Energy Storage | EV Charging | Renewable Energy | Smart Grid & Metering

Industry focus for innovation

These are the current areas of focus to stay ahead and redefine in the world of energy innovation.


A transition to a carbon free economy by increasing the focus on renewable energy sources, a rise in electric mobility, and an increased tax on the use of fossil fuels.


Referring to the geographical distribution of electricity distribution. Focusing on regions that have started to generate electricity independently, enabling lower energy intensity and opening opportunities for the use of renewable sources.


Considers the widespread use of digital devices at all levels of the power system. From power production machines to end user devices, digitization (or Energy 4.0) enables the implementation of smart energy and power management solutions on machine to machine and/or machine to human interactions.


Focus technology segments




From mass transit to micro mobility, the trend towards E-mobility keeps growing and opening new areas of opportunity. Where does your project fit in the puzzle? Keep up to date with the developments in the sector and lead the market with your innovation.



EV Charging

Energy Storage


Today’s technology excels in power generation. However, there’s a lack of cost-effective energy-storage solutions. By bringing the focus to this, we can expect more stable pricing on power and a proactive demand from consumers as they are able to purchase energy for future use during ideal conditions, reducing the grid loads during peak times.



EV Charging

EV Charging


The widespread adoption of EV as a growing standard has come with a share of groundbreaking innovations, market revelations, and areas for opportunity. As the trend becomes clearer and the sector gains stable growth, the market for EV charging solutions becomes fertile ground for creativity.



EV Charging

Renewable Energy


Consumer behavior, collective needs, and global legislations have set a clear focus on renewable energy as a main source of power generation. Innovate for efficiency, decarbonization, and a cleaner supply of power for tomorrow with the technology of today.



EV Charging

Smart Grid & Metering


Smart Grids are an opportunity towards the decentralization of energy, empowering the consumers role in the distribution to become prosumers. Through new technologies and energy innovations, smart grids look to optimize the conservation and delivery of power, increasing efficiency and saving energy in each step of the way.