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What is a Protection Thyristor?

A thyristor is a solid-state component used to switch and control electric current flow. Thyristors are often used in high current flow applications due to their robustness. A thyristor starts to conduct current when it receives a certain voltage on its gate terminal and continues to conduct current after that voltage is removed from the gate terminal. Because of this characteristic and a wide protection rating range, thyristors are used as current controllers. Protection thyristors are used for overvoltage protection.

Types of Protection Thyristors

There are many different kinds of protection thyristors. At Future Electronics we stock many of the most common types categorized by On State Current, Off-State Current, On-State Voltage, Off-State Voltage, Maximum Gate Trigger Current, Packaging Type and Hold Current. The parametric filters on our website can help refine your search results depending on the required specifications.

The most common values for On-State Voltage are 4 V and 8 V. We also carry protection thyristors with On-State Voltage as high as 350 V. Off-State Voltage can be between 6 V and 600 V, with 6 V, 25 V, 58 V and 275 V being the most common values.

Protection Thyristors from Future Electronics

Future Electronics has a full protection thyristor selection from several manufacturers for a triac thyristor circuit or for any circuits or applications that may require thyristor surge protection. Simply choose from the protection thyristor technical attributes below and your search results will quickly be narrowed in order to match your specific protection thyristor application needs.

If you have a preferred brand, we deal with several manufacturers such as Littelfuse, ON Semiconductor and STMicroelectronics, among other manufacturers. You can easily refine your protection thyristor product search results by clicking your preferred protection thyristor brand below from our list of manufacturers.

Applications for Protection Thyristors:

Protection thyristors are used in applications where high voltages and currents are present. Applications include:

  • Temperature control
  • Light control
  • Speed control
  • Process control
  • Warning systems where reliability of operation is important

Choosing the Right Protection Thyristor:

When you are looking for the right protection thyristors, with the parametric search, you can filter the results by various attributes: by On-State Voltage (1.5 V, 4 V, 8 V,…), Off-State Voltage (6 V, 58 V, 275 V,…) and Maximum Gate Trigger Current (from 200 µA to 4 A) to name a few.

You will be able to find the right protection thyristors for your triac thyristor circuits or for applications requiring a thyristor surge protection circuit.

Protection Thyristors in Production Ready Packaging or R&D Quantities

If the quantity of protection thyristors that you require is less than a full reel, we offer customers many of our protection thyristor products in quantities that will help you avoid unneeded surplus.

In addition, Future Electronics offers clients a unique bonded inventory program that is designed to eliminate potential problems that could arise from an unpredictable supply of products containing raw metals and products with long or erratic lead times. Talk with your nearest Future Electronics branch and find out more on how you can avoid possible shortages.

Protection Thyristors By Manufacturer Name:

Protection Thyristors by Primary Attributes:

By On-State Voltage [Vtm]

By On State Current [It]-Typ

By Hold Current [Ih]

By Off-State Current [Idrm]

By Gate Trigger Current [Igt]-Max

Featured Protection Thyristor Products

Manufacturer Part Number Description
LittelfuseP3100SCLRPP3100S_L Series 150 mA 275 V SIDACtor® Protection Device - DO-214AA
LittelfuseP3100SBLRPP3100S_L Series 150 mA 275 V SIDACtor® Protection Device - DO-214AA
LittelfuseP1100SCLRPP1100S_L Series 150 mA 90 V SIDACtor® Protection Device - DO-214AA
LittelfuseP1800SCLRPP1800S_L Series 150 mA 170 V SIDACtor® Protection Device - DO-214AA
LittelfuseP0900EBLP0900E_L Series 150 mA 75 V SIDACtor® Protection Device - TO-92
LittelfuseP233P3100EBLRPP233P Series 150 mA 190 V SIDACtor® Protection Thyristor - TO-92
LittelfuseP1800SALRPP1800S_L Series 150 mA 170 V SIDACtor® Protection Device - DO-214AA
LittelfuseP1504UCLRPP1504U_L Series 150 mA 140 V Multiport SIDACtor® Protection Device - MS-013
LittelfuseP0300SCLRPP0300S_L Series 50 mA 25 V SIDACtor® Protection Device - DO-214AA
LittelfuseP0300SCMCLRPP0300S_L Series 50 mA 25 V SIDACtor® Protection Device - DO-214AA
LittelfuseP1500Q22CLRPP1500Q22CLRP Series 150 mA 140 V Teccor® Protection Thyristor - QFN-2
LittelfuseP6002SALRPP6002SAL Series 120 mA 550 V Broadband Optimized™ SIDACtor® Device - DO-214AA
LittelfuseT10A180ET10A Series 2.2 A 175 V SIDACtor® Protection Device - DO-15
LittelfuseP0084UALRPP0080U_L Series 50 mA 4 V Multiport SIDACtor® Protection Device - MS-13
LittelfuseP0602AALP0602A_L Series 50 mA 25 V Two-Chip SIDACtor® Protection Device - TO-220
ON SemiconductorMCR106-8GMCR106-8G Series 600 V 4 A Silicon Controlled Rectifier - TO-225
ON Semiconductor2N6344G2N6344 Series 600 V 8 A Silicon Bidirectional Thyristor Triacs - TO-220AB
ON SemiconductorMAC997A6GTHYRISTOR TRIAC .8A 400V TO-92
STMicroelectronicsDB3TGDB3 Series 32 V 2 A Trigger Diode with Fixed Voltage Reference DIAC - DO-35
STMicroelectronicsSMP100LC-270SMP100LC Series 150 mA 270 V Bi Directional Protecting Trisil SMT - DO-214AA
STMicroelectronicsSMP100LC-25SMP100LC Series 150 mA 25 V Bi Directional Protecting Trisil SMT - DO-214AA
STMicroelectronicsSMP80MC-270SMP80MC Series 150 mA 270 V Bi Directional Protecting Trisil SMT - DO-214AA
STMicroelectronicsETP01-2821RLETP01 Series 28 V 30 mA Surface Mount Protection for Ethernet Lines - SOIC-8
STMicroelectronicsSMP100LC-120SMP100LC Series 150 mA 120 V Bi Directional Protecting Trisil SMT - DO-214AA
STMicroelectronicsSMP75-8SMP75 Series 150 mA 8 V Bi Directional Protecting Trisil SMT - DO-214AA

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