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What is a Logic Gate?

A logic gate implements a Boolean function and thus performs a logical operation on one or several logic inputs in order to produce a single logic output. A logic gate often uses diodes or transistors that act like electronic switches. Electronic logic gates differ from their relay-and-switch equivalents because they consume less power and are much faster and smaller. Also, contrary to a switch circuit, it is not possible for current to flow between the input and the output of a semiconductor logic gate. This is because a semiconductor logic gate acts as a high-gain voltage amplifier which sinks a tiny current at its input and produces a low-impedance voltage at its output. Another advantage of integrated circuit logic families is that they can be cascaded. The output of one gate can be wired to the inputs of one or more other gates.

Types of Logic gates

There are several different kinds of programmable logic gates at Future Electronics. We stock many of the most common types categorized by several parameters including family, logic circuit, number of functions, output characteristics, nominal supply voltage and packaging type. Our parametric filters will allow you to refine your search results according to the required specifications.

Logic gates from Future Electronics

Future Electronics has a wide range of programmable logic gates from several chip manufacturers that can be used for programming your circuits. By going through the selection you will find the right digital logic gate, AND gate, OR gate, CMOS logic gate, NOT gate, XOR gate, NOR gate, NAND gate, universal logic gate, electronic logic gate, transistor logic gate or chips for any type of circuit or IC that might require logic gates. Once you decide if you need a dual gate, quad gate, single gate of triple gate, you will be able to choose from their technical attributes and your search results will be narrowed to match your specific logic gate application needs.

We deal with several manufacturers such as Fairchild, Diodes Inc., NXP, ON Semiconductor or STMicroelectronics, among others. You can easily refine your logic gate product search results by clicking your preferred logic gate brand from the list of manufacturers below.

Applications for Logic Gates:

Logic circuits are found in several devices including multiplexers, arithmetic logic units, computer memory and registers. They are also used in microprocessors, some of which can contain over 100 million gates. Also, logic gates are the building blocks of digital electronics and are formed by the combination of transistors in order to realize some digital operations. Every digital product, including personal computers, mobile phones, tablets, calculators and digital watches also uses logic gates.

Choosing the Right Logic Gate:

With the parametric search, when looking for the right logic gates, you can filter the results by category. We carry the following categories of logic gates:

  • Dual Gate
  • Quad Gate
  • Single Gate
  • Triple Gate

Once you choose the logic gate category, you can narrow them down by various attributes: by logic circuit, number of functions and nominal supply voltage to name a few. You will be able to find the right logic gate chip that can be used for programming your circuits such as a digital logic gate, CMOS logic gate, NOT gate, AND gate, OR gate, NAND gate, XOR gate, NOR gate, universal logic gate, electronic logic gate, transistor logic gate or chips for any type of IC or circuit that might require logic gates by using these filters.

Logic Gates in Production Ready Packaging or R&D Quantities

If the quantity of logic gates you require is less than a full reel, we offer to our customers several of our programmable logic gates in tray, tube or individual quantities that will help you avoid unneeded surplus.

Future Electronics also offers its clients a unique bonded inventory program designed to eliminate potential problems that may arise from an unpredictable supply of products that could contain raw metals and products with erratic or long lead times. Talk with your nearest Future Electronics branch and find out more on how you and your company can avoid possible shortages.

Logic Gates by Primary Attributes:

Featured Logic Gate Products

Manufacturer Part Number Description
Fairchild NC7SZ125M5X NC7SZ125 Series 5.5 V TinyLogic® UHS Single Buffer w/ 3-State Output - SOT-23-5
Fairchild NC7WZ14P6X NC7WZ14 Series 5.5V TinyLogic UHS Dual Inverter w/Schmitt Trigger Inputs-SC-70-6
Fairchild NC7S14P5X NC7S14 Series 6 V SMT TinyLogic HS Inverter with Schmitt Trigger Input - SC-70-5
Fairchild NC7SZ126P5X NC7SZ126 Series 5.5 V TinyLogic® UHS Buffer with 3-State Output - SC-70-5
Fairchild NC7SZ74K8X NC7SZ74 Series 5.5 V TinyLogic UHS D-Type Flip-Flop with Preset and Clear - US8
Fairchild NC7WZ17P6X NC7WZ17 Series 5.5 V TinyLogic UHS Dual Buffer w/ Schmitt Trigger Inputs-SC-70-6
NXP 74LVC1G08GW,125 74LVC Series 3.3 V Single 2-Input AND Gate - TSSOP-5
NXP 74LVC1G125GV,125 74LVC Series 3.3 V Surface Mount Single Bus Buffer/Line Driver; 3-State - SC-74A
NXP 74LVC1G14GW,125 74LVC Series 3.3 V Surface Mount Single Schmitt Trigger Inverter - TSSOP-5
NXP 74LVC1G32GV,125 74LVC Series 3.3 V Surface Mount Single 2-Input OR Gate - SC-74A
NXP 74LVC1G32GW,125 74LVC Series 3.3 V Surface Mount Single 2-Input OR Gate - TSSOP-5
NXP 74LVC2G14GW,125 74LVC Series 3.3 V Dual Inverting Schmitt Trigger with 5 V Tolerant Input SC-88
NXP 74LVC273DB,118 74LVC Series 3.3 V Surface Mount Single Octal D-Type Flip-Flop - SSOP-20
NXP 74HC1G02GV,125 74HC Series 5 V CMOS 2-Input NOR Gate - SC74A-5
NXP 74AHC1G00GW,125 74AHC Series 5 V 2-Input NAND Gate - TSSOP-5
NXP 74AHC1G32GW,125 74AHC Series 5 V Surface Mount Single 2-Input OR Gate - TSSOP-5
NXP 74LVC2G17GW,125 74LVC Series 3.3 V Dual Non Inverting Schmitt Trigger with 5 V Tolerant Input
ON Semiconductor NL17SZ17DFT2G NL17SZ Series 3.25 V Surface Mount Single Non-Inverting Buffer - SOT-553
ON Semiconductor MC14093BDR2G MC14093B Series 3 to 18 V Quad 2-Input NAND Schmitt Trigger - SOIC-14
ON Semiconductor NL27WZ04DTT1G NL27WZ04 Series 1.65 to 5.5 V Surface Mount Dual Inverter - TSOP-6
ON Semiconductor NL17SZ74USG NL17SZ74 Series 1.65 to 5.5 V Single D Flip Flop - US-8
ON Semiconductor MC74HC1G04DTT1G MC74HC1G04 Series 2 to 6 V CMOS Single Inverter - SOT-23-5
ON Semiconductor NL17SZ32DFT2G NL17SZ32 Series 1.65 to 5.5 V Single 2 Input OR Gate - SC-70-5
STMicroelectronics 74V1G66CTR 74V1G66 Series 3.75 V Surface Mount Single Bilateral Switch - SOT-323-5L
STMicroelectronics 74LX1G14CTR 74LX1G14 Series 5 V High Speed Single Schmitt Inverter - SOT-323-5L

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